May 8th, 2022, is dedicated to the special woman in your life that you know as Mom! It is the day to celebrate and show appreciation for all they do. What’s a better way to show gratitude than the gift of DIY? Here are some easy DIY home improvements projects you can do to celebrate Mom!

Kitchen Upgrades

1. If your mom spends much time in the kitchen cooking, baking, or hosting gatherings, consider upgrading the fixtures! Danco Cross-Arm Handles introduce a touch of style to faucet fixtures. This custom look handle features a cross-style design with a white porcelain finish and a chrome metal trim. The handle includes hot, cold and arrow buttons that are interchangeable. Danco Cross-Arm Handles can repair a damaged, leaky faucet handle with style!

Shop the Cross-Arm Handles 1-Pack on Amazon, Lowes, the Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.

Shop the Cross-Arm Handles 2-Pack on Amazon, & the Home Depot

2. We all know how important sinks are to your kitchen’s overall flow and function. Keep the kitchen sink drains free flowing by installing the Disposal Genie II. Turning the strainer clockwise fills your kitchen sink with water, allowing you to soak your dishes. With another counterclockwise turn, the Disposal Genie II becomes a strainer by allowing water and particles to flow freely down the drain while preventing other valuables from slipping down the drain. The end of the Disposal Genie II includes a silicone food scraper making washing dishes easier!

Available in multiple colors on Amazon, the Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.

Bathroom Upgrades

1. Replacing the tub & shower faucet in Mom’s bathroom is a great way to show her how much you appreciate her! Danco offers a variety of tub/shower trim kits for Moen and Delta Faucets in a variety of finishes such as Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze. This shower valve trim kit allows you to replace your existing worn-out shower trim without replacing the valve. We offer a choice of design between a clear acrylic handle and a finished metal handle. The plastic construction provides rust resistance and durability, while the stainless steel material provides reliable performance.

Shop Trim Kit for Moen on Amazon, Lowes, the Home Depot.

Shop Trim Kit for Delta on Amazon and the Home Depot.

2. Is mom’s toilet leaking? It may be due to a flimsy flapper inside the toilet bowl. Save your mom a costly repair and consider replacing it with the FLT231 HydroStop. A toilet tank flapper alternative, FLT231 drops vertically and solidly onto the flush valve opening to create a better seal and eliminate the possibility of leaks. HydroStop also features patented S.T.O.P. Technology (Safe Toilet Overflow Protection) that helps prevent bowl overflows. In the event of a clog, simply lift the handle to immediately drop the HydroStop tower. This closes the flush valve so that water does not continue to drain from the tank into the bowl.

FLT231 is available on Amazon, Lowes, and the Home Depot.

Whether you decide to buy mom flowers or upgrade her home, remember to show appreciation and gratitude for all that she does. It’s her day!