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Plumbing Repair and Replacement Solutions

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At Danco we can help make life simpler by providing you with over 2,000 plumbing repair and replacement parts for a truly satisfactory home improvement. We can help you find your perfect part.

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The Easiest Way to Prevent Clogged Drains

Fall is finally upon us, and winter is coming! That means now is the best time to make sure your home’s plumbing systems are flowing smoothly, easily and clog-free. Drain clogs may seem like small problems at first, but they can easily lead to large, expensive plumbing issues if left unchecked. Steady buildup in drains of food particles, tissue paper, toothpaste, hair and other flushables can lead to fully clogged drains, water overflow, nasty smells and worse. Freezing temperatures during winter can lead to burst pipes, flooded homes, and hundreds of dollars down the drain. Read on for the easiest way to prevent clogged drains, and avoid costly plumbing problems altogether. The Number One Cause of Drain Clogs While any drain in your house is at risk of becoming clogged at some point, bathroom drains are some of the most easily clogged drains. Why? Hair! You’d be surprised how much hair gets washed down drains from daily showers, regular baths, daily shaving or beard trimming, and even brushing hair near the bathroom sink! Add on a weekly dog bath, and you’re looking at quite a lot of hair running down your drains. And while hair may easily wash down the drain, it doesn’t necessarily easily go through the drain! Over time, hair builds up in your drains, leading to worse and worse clogs. What starts out as a sink that drains a bit slower than usual can quickly turn into messy backups that render your sink, shower and/or bathtub unusable…

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