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How Does Mobile Home Plumbing Differ?

Mobile home plumbing systems are hugely different from plumbing systems within stick-built homes. For one, the standards that govern them comprise of a completely different set of rules and regulations that ensure compliance with building requirements. Whether you are contemplating moving into a trailer residence or perhaps buying a mobile home for some exciting adventures on the road, familiarizing yourself with its unique plumbing requirements is important to make sure your little portable home is well equipped with the right facilities—including a mobile home tub/shower faucet. Some of the major differences you will find in a mobile home plumbing system compared to traditional and more permanent plumbing fixtures in stick-built houses include: The materials used in mobile home pipelines – Although copper has been used in mobile homes since the 1960s, many are still equipped with plastic pipes, which are prone to leaking and other plumbing issues. This is why the standard for modern mobile homes is now PEX tubing, which not only offers great solutions over the shortcomings of plastic pipes, but are much longer lasting than copper. The location of mobile home pipelines – Mobile homes are also structured very differently than traditional stick-built homes. Because of this, piping systems are also configured very differently. This affects layout and maintenance requirements, especially when it comes to making repairs and conducting quick fixes. The types of sinks and faucets – Mobile home tub/shower faucets and sinks also differ from traditional kitchen and bathroom applications. Mobile homes are equipped with…

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