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Crafts with Kids on the Weekend!

A recent study by one Dr. Richard Rende reveals how creative interaction with your young children—such as engaging them in arts and crafts—provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits that can help in their development. Kids craft activities like bubble painting and other DIY craft projects are great activities to try with your little ones. Below we have listed some unique and creative projects you can make even with simple household products. IMPORTANT: These projects can get pretty messy, pretty quickly. So before starting them, be sure to shield your home’s surfaces with Protect.It Pads from Danco. It provides mess-free protection for your floors, sink, and tabletops, protecting them from spills. These pads make clean-up easy, too. Bird Seed Ornaments Making bird seed treats is a great way to teach children how to be kind to wildlife and at the same time create some DIY craft ornaments to hang outside the home.   For these birdseed ornaments, you will need:  4 cups of birdseed A half-cup of warm water 1 packet of gelatine mix ¾ cup of flour a bundt pan non-stick spray, and 3 tablespoons of light corn syrup. Mix everything and mold into shape. Let the pressed-in mixture dry for a few hours before popping out so they can dry completely over a full day. Tie each piece with a ribbon and you are ready to hang the delicious ornaments for birds to ole and feed at. Microwave Puffy Paint This is the perfect kids craft for the rainy days,…

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