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5 Water Conservation Tips For Your Bathroom

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the bathroom is one of the biggest water wasters in the home. Saving water in the bath is an ideal way of creating an eco-friendly household, and the lower utility bill that comes with being green is merely icing on the cake. We encourage our customers to follow these water-saving tips and make your bathroom a relaxing retreat that saves energy, water, and money. By taking steps to reduce your water usage in the bathroom, you save on your water and energy bills while conserving water for future generations. 1) Check faucets, pipes, and toilets periodically for leaks One of the significant reasons for wasted water in the bathroom is a leaky faucet or toilet leak. In fact, an invisible leak or a faucet drip can waste up to 15 gallons of water a day. Check your toilets for faucets at least once a year - so you do not miss any undetected leak. 2) Install faucet aerators Water aerators on bathroom faucets are a very effective and cost-efficient way to save water. An aerator can help check water use by 30 percent without compromising water flow and can be attached to most existing faucets. Danco offers a multi-use aerator key to allow you to remove or install your aerator with ease. We also offer a wide range of faucet filter aerators to reduce water consumption without sacrificing water pressure. 3) Install a high-efficiency toilet or install a Water-Saving Toilet Total Repair Kit…

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