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Quick Tips For Properly Preventing Hair Clogs

Dealing with a clogged drain is unfortunately something many people have to deal with. Did you know that most of these clogs can be avoided with a few simple preventative measures? The main culprit of most bathroom clogs is hair. Human hair and pet hair get washed down the drain as we shampoo and condition, leading to a buildup over time. Dealing with this backup leads to a lot of frustration on your part, and may result in having to call in a plumber to fix the issue, costing you an unnecessary expense as well. We’ve listed below a few steps you can take to prevent these clogs from ever happening in the first place. Use Hair Catchers to Prevent Hair from Going Down the Drain The easiest and most simple way to prevent hair from ever getting stuck in the drain is by placing a hair catcher in the drain. These catchers work wonders at reducing the amount of gunk and debris that makes its way down the drain. This small apparatus is placed inside the drain opening to catch debris and hair strands before they are washed into your plumbing system. Professional plumbers recommend installing one in every tub and shower drain in your home. You’ll need to remove the hair after each bath or shower so that it continues to work properly. You should also brush your hair before you shower or bathe, helping to catch loose hair. Excess hair goes in the trash, not into the…

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