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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Believe it or not, we’re already in the midst of December, which means the holidays are just around the corner! Now is the time to prepare for holiday parties and make sure your home is ready to handle the extra load of visiting friends and family. Here are 5 simple ways to get your home ready for all the holiday fun. Protect Your Drains…and Your Valuables Too! For help keeping your garbage disposal clean and unclogged, make sure to check out the Danco Disposal Genie! This handy tool partially blocks the drain, allowing water and small food particles to pass through, while keeping larger things like utensils and valuables from slipping down the drain. Add a Smart-Spray to Your Kitchen Sink If you’re like us, chances are you’ll be doing a lot of extra cooking for the holidays, and extra cooking means extra dishes to wash! The Smart-Spray Pull-Down Faucet is the perfect helpful addition to your kitchen sink. This spray head makes dish-washing a breeze, and easily installs onto your existing kitchen faucet – no tools required. Upgrade Your Soap Dispensers A great way to prepare for the extra dish-washing of the holidays is to install a Universal Danco Soap Dispenser to your kitchen sink. Each dispenser connects to either a 1-gallon soap or 12 oz lotion container via a 4-ft. hose. Soap/lotion containers are hidden under your sink, yet are able to be refilled from the top for ultimate convenience.   Add a stylish touch to your kitchen…

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