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Is Your Home Ready for Spring?

Spring is a usually the time of year where homeowners start to “spring clean” and “de-clutter” their homes. Spring is also a good time for performing some routine home maintenance and checking up on the plumbing system to make sure there are not cracked pipes from the winter that could lead to leaks and water damage. This is also a great time to clean-out your drains from debris and protect your home from clogged drains. Keeping up with this basic maintenance on a yearly basis can help keep your home functional throughout the year. Check under your sinks Take a look under your sinks, especially those that are located on the outside walls of your home. Look for moisture, puddles, rust, corrosion, and other warning signs of a leak. Lay a paper towel underneath your pipes, run water from the faucet, and carefully check the pipes to make sure there are no leaks; also check to make sure the paper towel is completely dry to ensure no water dripped that you could not see visually. Remove debris and hair from drains To ensure your drains are flowing properly and to prevent future drain back-ups and water damage, you should clean your drains and remove the hair and debris. You can use a drain snake or auger to help clear the drain, but this can be a pretty messy job. Danco has the perfect drain cleaning, and drain clearing tool, the Clear.It water jet drain opener. It can be easily connected…

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