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HydroSeat™ Flange Repair - Model #10672

The HYDRO SEAT is the best thing that has happened to flange repair. It's (4) simple holes and a wax ring. I was very surprised how well this worked. If you have a rocking toilet or need to replace a flange use this product. I was very concerned that this was to good to be true but it works like a dream!!
Gilbert Deleon - Home Repair

Fantastic Product!

HydroClean Universal Fill Valve - Model #HC630T

I just finished installing this product in under 10 minutes. It required no tools and everything fit as it should with zero leaks. This is BY FAR the best fill valve I have ever purchased and installed. Do yourself a favor and walk right past the rest........this is the best!
Jeff - DIY Homeowner

"Perfect Seal" is just perfect!

Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring - Model #10718X

I replaced my toilet last weekend and I purchased your product not realizing there was a seal included with the toilet--it seems it was destiny! As it turns out, the flange was below the level of the existing floor tiles, and it didn't take long to figure out the gasket provided did not compress properly. In no time, I was able to replace the gasket with the "Perfect Seal". The optional added height did the trick; and the manner of installation was simple and forgiving. Quite an innovation! As a young girl I remember my Dad's frustration doing projects like this--so happy I found your product! Danco will be my "go to" for future DIY projects. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Irene Raftery - Homeowner DIY

Great Improvement Over Old Style Wax Ring

Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring - Model #10718X

When I saw this item, I thought to myself, "Wow, something that might be better than those icky wax rings," so I tried it. I ended up being surprisingly happy with it! It comes with the option to install it for two different heights (no more wondering if you need regular or extra thick), the wax did not create any goop, I felt more confident doing the new toilet installation knowing that if I needed to re-position it, the ring wouldn't be wasted, and it came with clear instructions. The toilet has been in use for several months and works great. I will only buy these from now on instead of the old, gooey kind.
DIY Homeowner