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About Us

About Us

Our Heritage

Danco is one of the largest plumbing repair, replacement, and remodel suppliers in the home improvement industry. We focus largely on empowering ‘Do-It-Yourself’ consumers with plumbing solutions that are as practical as they are affordable, giving your home a more fresh appeal and renewed elegance. Continue Reading…

Danco was founded in the early 1970’s by Daniel P. Creed, creator of Daniel P. Creed Co. in Pennsylvania, during 1933. The company served as an annex for Creed Co. till 1972, when NCH, a global supplier of maintenance, repair and supply products purchased Creed Co. NCH later combined the company with another purchase, Aqua Plumbing, a company which previously sold under the brand ‘Perfect Match’.

In 1995, the three companies embarked on a strategic initiative to streamline their efforts and unify their operations and sales forces. Danco became the leading brand name for consumer goods, and ‘Perfect Match’ was added as a tagline to further unify the companies in the eyes of their joint customers. Hide

The DIY Movement

During the 1970’s, the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ industry emerged, encouraging and leading the way for homeowners who were willing to tackle home improvements on their own. The movement was answered by the formation of retailers like Home Depot® and Lowe’s®, which focused on home improvement goods for the entire home. Danco also began to enjoy remarkable growth as the DIY movement became a part of the mainstream. Customers everywhere found that they enjoyed these money-saving DIY plumbing repair projects. Continue Reading…

Today Danco is the industry leader in plumbing repair and replacement products for DIY projects. We have reached this end through dedication to new and exciting products that are at fair price points and in line with the latest technology and design. We pride ourselves in being one of the rare companies that sell under the same brand in multiple major home improvement and hardware stores.

Our innovative plumbing solutions and manufacturing expertise are what make Danco a trusted resource for plumbing repair and replacement parts with retailers nationwide. Hide

Innovative Spirit

For more than 35 years, Danco has continually evolved as a company. We are proud to have seamlessly shifted with the ups and downs of the plumbing retail industry, all the while leading the way with innovative new products for our customers. Continue Reading…

The fearless and tenacious Danco spirit and “anything is possible” attitude, constantly challenges us to find new and inventive solutions that simplify plumbing replacement projects for everyone. We continue to challenge ourselves each day to innovate and create better solutions that make life easier for our retail customers and our consumers.

As Danco continues to evolve as a company, we are certain that excellent quality and service at an affordable price will always be at the forefront of our priority list. Hide

Global Organization & Distribution

We also understand that creating the perfect plumbing part is only half the job. As a global organization, we are focused on cost effective supply chain management and distribution to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition at the perfect time. We ensure that  we see each product through from the initial design to the final door-step delivery. Continue Reading…

  • We have a state-of-the-art distribution facility in Dallas, capable of shipping directly top store, to multiple centers, or directly to consumers
  • Danco has fully integrated EDI capabilities accept orders
  • Our distribution center has a 3 tiered priority replenishment system that prioritizes orders
  • Our distribution process is designed to handle all order sizes from large pallets to small parts


Supply Chain

  • Forecasting: Automated statistical analysis combined with a Sales and Operation Planning process to leverage consume sales and marketing insight
  • Global Staffing: Supplier and logistics managements teams located both domestically and internationally to ensure timely shipments
  • Customer Focus: Internal metrics aligned with customer metrics to ensure visibility into the factors that impact your business
  • Factory Qualifications: Complete factory audit process to ensure compliance with program requirements

Danco Quality Control

  • Testing: In-house functional testing capabilities and on-site testing; in-process and independent lab testing
  • Sample Approvals: Multi-stage product approval process prior to full production
  • Inspections: Audits for in-process and pre-shipment inspections
  • Scorecard: Quality scorecard system ranking