Here at Danco, we’re passionate about two things: creating innovative, green-friendly plumbing parts…

…and empowering our customers to be DIY plumbing pros! We believe anyone and everyone can become a master of their own home’s plumbing, and nothing makes us happier than helping people get there.

To help you on your own journey to DIY plumbing mastery, here are 5 simple hacks you can use today, to decrease your home’s water use, helping both the environment and your wallet.

  1. Upgrade Your Toilet(s)

Not everyone has the luxury of buying and installing an expensive, low-flush toilet in their home (let alone multiple toilets!).

That’s why we created Dual-Flush converters! These nifty devices allow you to upgrade your toilet to a dual-flush toilet, with low-flush and normal-flush options that make every flush an option to save gallons of water.

All of our Dual-Flush converters can be easily installed, in any home toilet, without any tools, in just 5-10 minutes!

See different options like Toilet Total Repair Kit with Dual Flush Valve and HydroRight® Dual Flush Valve and Push Button Handle.

  1. Fix Your Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets don’t just drive you crazy – they also waste a lot of water! Fixing leaky faucets is one of the best plumbing repair hacks around, for saving both water and money.

But how do you fix them? A lot of people look at a leaky faucet, think it must be too complicated for them, and call a plumber.

Lucky for you, we have a whole website dedicated to just this problem, so you can easily do it yourself!

Head to, and you’ll find multiple in-depth guides, to help you fix your leaky faucet for good, no matter what kind of faucet it is.

  1. Prevent Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are sneaky problems that can stay minor inconveniences for months…

…and then turn into full-blown plumbing disasters overnight!

The good news is, you can avoid these disasters (and spending on $100s on an emergency plumber) with just a few minutes of your time a week.

Here’s how:

Step one: Head to our plumbing repair parts store, and buy some of our durable, stainless-steel mesh strainers.

Step two: Pop them over your drains, to catch loose strands of hair and other things that build up in drains and cause costly clogs.

Step three: Once a week, clean out the mesh strainer.

That’s it! Just a few minutes of your time, preventing one of the most common (and costly) plumbing issues.

  1. Give Your Showerhead A Makeover

We love a long, hot shower just as much as the next person!

And, when we’re trying to save water, it’s hard to avoid the fact that long showers probably use more water than any other activity in the house.

Thankfully, Danco carries adjustable showerhead options (see two options, here and here).

These let you adjust the flow of water in your shower, making it super easy for you to save water with every shower – potentially thousands of gallons a year!

  1. Clear Your Clogged Drains

Our mesh strainers will help you prevent clogs in the future, but we understand you might need help with clogs that are already there.

We’ve got you covered! Our blog has multiple articles already to help you with just that problem. Click here for 5 DIY tips to clear clogged drains in just a few minutes – no plumber required.

Danco is your one-stop shop for buying plumbing parts online and becoming a DIY plumbing master.

Apply the above hacks in your home, and you’ll be saving water and money right away!

And for help with any other plumbing questions or problems, head to our How-To Center for in-depth guides, installation help, and helpful videos.