Bathrooms are sacred places for so many homeowners. Not only are they for personal hygiene activities —they are also for pampering and even some quite “me” time for many people. Most homeowners want bathrooms that serve as a reflection of their own unique personal style while delivering the level of comfort they need and deserve daily. A bathroom must be carefully designed and equipped with all the right fixtures (and for some, extra luxuries) in order to accomplish this. When pursuing a bathroom remodel, either to increase your comfort or perhaps add value to your home, here are some tips to keep in mind in terms of planning the actual remodel of your space:

1.Choose Shower Layout/Cost/Style – This is where careful pre-planning should really come in. before you begin choosing the types of fixtures and finishes you wish to see in your bathroom, decide what kind of layout and style best fits your space. Your shower area is one of the most critical areas that takes up space in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, many consider it the focal point of their bathroom layout. This is why it only makes sense to begin your planning on your shower layout and style, followed by how much you are willing to spend on the shower remodel. Use functional zoning when deciding on a layout, and think about how much space you have to spare for a shower and a tub or perhaps a tub/shower, if space is an issue.

2.Trim Kits – Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze are common trim-kit styles you can choose for your bathroom, depending on your personal taste. Below are some trim kits and packages you can find at Danco: 

◘ Delta – Delta trim kit for showers and tubs are available at Danco, replacing trims on bathroom fixtures for easy DIY and major remodeling projects. This trim kit from Danco replaces Delta’s 600 and Delta Monitor      14 series trims and includes adapters for #70 or #212 ball. It offers design options between chrome-finished metal and clear acrylic handles.

◘ Moen – This Moen shower handle and trim kit from Danco offers an easy update for Moen Tub and shower trim kit and faucet without having to replace the valve. It is compatible with adapters for Moentrol and              Posi-Temp faucet cartridges, with a choice of design between chrome finished and metal handle for durability and reliable performance.

◘ Handles – Your choice of bathroom faucet handles should also be a major consideration that can affect not only the look but also the functionality of your bathroom space.

  • Cross Handle – This Danco cross-arm handle gives your faucet fixture a custom look and a great touch of style with its porcelain finish, accented by a chrome metal trip. The kit includes several adapters that fit most faucets with a base that’s 1-inch in diameter.
  • Lever (Oil Rubbed Bronze) This universal lever handle from Danco can help you restore your bathroom faucets to new conditions—an easy way to make your faucet appear more upscale and updated in style. 

3.Built-In Niches for More Storage – Installing wall niches is a great way to customize your newly renovated bathroom and squeeze in extra storage if your layout leaves out a bare wall. Whether for additional storage or decorative purposes, built-in niches in bathrooms are great additions to a bathroom makeover.

4.Upgrade Tile/Backsplash – Your tile and backsplash offer great opportunities to up your creativity with your bathroom design. You can play with various colors, patterns, and textures to add visual appeal to your bathroom.

5.Hair Catcher Strainers (Chrome/White) – More than appearances, you also want to ensure your bathroom’s function and safety, hence the importance of your choice of accessories like hair catcher and shower strainers.

Shower Remodeling Ideas

  • Danco’s shower hair catcher helps protect drains from hair and other unwanted debris, preventing clogs and build-ups, which can cause standing water in your shower.
  • Brushed Nickel – For easy cleaning and maintenance of your sink and shower drains, there are also brushed nickel flat stand-alone shower strainers from Danco that are compatible with 5-3/4 -inch drains (most standard-size drains.)

When planning a bathroom remodel, do so with your comfort and the future in mind. These kinds of projects not only enhance your bathroom experience but can significantly add to the value of your property, especially when designed and planned well.