How to Incorporate Matte Black into your Home:

Matte black has become a raging trend in homes since 2018 and it looks like the trend is far from over. What makes matte black so popular? Not only does it exudes elegance, but it also provides a sense of polished aesthetic to your home. Matte black visibly hides fingerprints and dirt, making it easy to maintain.

The best thing about black is that it’s a goes-with-everything and is a neutral classic! Matte black can be stylized in various home décor themes from the farmhouse and traditional to contemporary and industrial – matte black provides a hint of sophistication and luxury. While matte black fits in nicely, it also makes a bold statement. You can pair it with primary colors or neutrals such as white, warm tones such as gold and brass, or even cool deep tones like nickel and silver.

Danco has rolled out a new line of matte black home repair parts that demand a bold statement but will also fit in nicely with existing fixtures to upgrade your home instantly!

In the kitchen

Cover unsightly holes in the sink where the spray head or soap dispenser is not in use. The Danco Sink Hole Cover in Matte Black is made to fit standard size kitchen sinkholes. The matte black finish will disguise unattractive holes while also giving a seamless look to your sink!

In the bathroom

We have rolled out a variety of Matte Black bathroom products that can be used in a full bathroom fixture renovation! Matte black can be incorporated into the bathroom fixtures easily. Replace the tub drain trim of your bathroom for a finished look. The Touch-Toe Tub Drain Trim Kit in Matte Black is constructed of durable brass with a modern matte black finish; the kit is easy to install and built to last. Compliment the Touch-Toe Tub Drain Trim Kit with the Danco Shower Trim Kit in Matte Black, available for Moen or Delta showers. The Shower Trim Kit in Matte Black replaces old trim without replacing the valve. Its matte black finish is sure to enhance the look of your tub or shower.

For standalone showers, Danco’s Shower Strainer in Matte Black is the perfect accessory to keep pesky hair from clogging the drain while also upgrading the look of your shower.

Replacing your shower head is one of the quickest, simplest upgrades you can make to your shower. Requiring less than 20 minutes of installation time, Danco 5-Spray Water-Saving Shower Head in Matte Black requires no special tools. It is a perfect beginner-friendly DIY project and a simple way to implement matte black into your home.

Another way to incorporate Matte Black into your home is by replacing your toilet handle. It can add a stylish touch and help your toilet perform more efficiently. Danco Decorative Toilet Tank Handle in Matte Black includes a brass arm and matte black lever handle – ideal for a bathroom remodel and matches well with many bathroom styles.

Matte Black has become a staple in homes over the last couple of years, especially when it comes to decor. Chances are matte black fixtures are ones you won’t tire of too quickly; so go ahead and take a chance on matte black and check out our new line of Matte Black products!