The holidays are seemingly the most hectic time of year, focused on immense family time full of love, quality time, and more importantly the food! However, all of the cooking and feasting put a heavy load on your plumbing system leading to many problems. The best way to prevent a plumbing problem is to prepare accordingly. The great holiday plumbing prevention checklist is DIY friendly things you can to make your plumbing ready for the holidays!

  • Check for toilet leaks. Don’t take the chance of having drain issues during the holidays. 

Leaking toilets can sometimes be caused by a faulty flapper. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 20% of all toilets leak up to 200 gallons of water a day, mostly because of faulty flappers. Eliminate leaks caused by a flimsy flapper with the FLT231 Hydrostop  engineered to eliminate the most common toilet problem of a leaky flapper by its robust design. While ordinary flappers are connected to the handle with a thin chain that is subject to improper tension tangles and breakage, the HydroStop features a durable stainless steel cable that is stronger, lasts longer and is less likely to break. Its handle and cable system utilizes overflow prevention, adjustable water settings that optimize performance and water savings. This sturdy tower is a great option if you’re looking to prevent leaks during the holidays and makes minor plumbing repair a breeze! FLT231 HydroStop is available at many retailers including: Amazon, Ace Hardware, Lowes, the Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.

We also suggest double checking the toilet tank handle as those that do not fit well or stick can cause a leaky toilet and wasted water which may be an indication that it is time for an easy DIY plumbing upgrade! Our  toilet flush lever replacement system is designed to fit right front or right side toilet mount applications. The toilet handle includes “trim to fit” easy installation that provides the proper fit to your existing toilet tank. Available in a variety of finishes such as Matte Black on Amazon, Lowes, and the Home Depot!

  • Protect your disposal at all costs. Invest drain protecting accessories!

Your garbage disposal is a vital highly sensitive piece of equipment in your plumbing system, so it is important that you do not dump food, waste, or anything you can’t chew on your own into your disposal. Avoid blocking your drains and eliminate clogs with The Danco Disposal Genie II. The DGII can protect you and your garbage disposal against costly damage! The Disposal Genie II is a uniquely designed drain strainer and stopper duo.

How it works: To fill your sink, turn the top clockwise. To strain water and food particles, simply turn the counterclockwise!  The DGII allows food and water to flow freely into the garbage disposal while preventing splashing (acting as a splash guard). It also prevents silverware and other non-food items from slipping into the drain. The Disposal Genie II adds a sleek, modern design to your kitchen and is available in six great colors on Amazon, the Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.

Mesh Strainers are also a classic way to protect your drain and disposal from clogs. At Danco, we offer a series of mesh strainers for all drain types for kitchen, lavatory, and even shower. Stainless steel design is high quality and corrosion resistant to last for years on end. Our series of mesh strainers for kitchen, tub, and lavatory are available individually and in a value-pack on Amazon

  • Take Precaution during cold weather.

As temperatures dwindle down during the holiday season, the risk of freezing weather rises. If temperatures drop below freezing it can become a major danger for your pipe system. We suggest to let your faucets drip with warm water, keep cabinets open to allow warm air to circulate near the pipe system, and keep water hoses disconnected.

  • Consider making simple upgrades to plumbing fixtures by replacing old faucet handles. 

DIY Plumbing solutions don’t need to be complicated. Switching out old kitchen or bathroom fixtures can be the easiest upgrade that will give your home the ultimate refresh in time for the holidays. Older faucet handles can also become a leaky problem that quickly drains the money away from your holiday budget. If faucet handles become worn or hard to operate that is an obvious sign that it may due for an upgrade. Luckily, replacing faucet handles is a simple budget-friendly DIY task!

Danco Universal Lever Handle will elevate your bathroom fixtures x100! This designer style handle is an easy way to make an existing faucet look more up-scale and match a newer style in faucets. It features a durable metal construction with many sleek finishes such as Brass, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Chrome w/ White Tip, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The Universal Faucet Lever Handle is available on Amazon.

The Cross-Arm Faucet Handle is a retro inspired design faucet handle. This custom look handles cross-style design in a variety of finishes along with a chrome metal trim. The handle includes hot, cold and arrow buttons that are interchangeable. The Cross-Arm Handle is available in White Porcelain, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome on Amazon.

Following this checklist is a simple way to use Danco Plumbing repair parts to prepare your home and plumbing system for the exciting holiday extravaganza ahead!