What’s the number one reason to become a DIY plumbing master? To save money of course! There’s no reason to pay a “professional” hundreds of dollars to fix or install something you can easily do yourself.

Our mission here at Danco.com is to twofold: to empower you with DIY plumbing skills, and to provide you with the plumbing repair parts you need to get the job done.

With that in mind, here are five money-saving, DIY plumbing projects you can do today!

1. Install a Water-Saving Faucet Aerator

Faucet aerators are small mesh parts that break up your faucet’s water stream. They save you money by reducing the volume of water flow from your faucet, all while maintaining a high-pressure flow.

To install a water-saving faucet aerator, you first need to choose an aerator that works for you. For more help here, check out our in-depth guide, What Is An Aerator And Why Do I Need One?. Once you’ve selected an aerator, head to our helpful how-to guide for specific instructions: Installing a Sink Faucet Adapter and Aerator.

2. Install a New Toilet

Toilet installations may seem intimidating, but thankfully, Danco has innovated a product that makes toilet installations easier and more accessible than ever before: the Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring.

With this product, the mess and complexity of traditional toilet installations are things of the past. The Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring is clean and simple to use, works with any toilet and has triple the sealing strength of traditional wax toilet rings.

So, next time you need a new toilet, head to Danco.com, grab the Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring, and save yourself a few hundred dollars by installing your new toilet yourself!

3. Fix that Leaky Shower Head

Showerheads typically account for 20% of your overall water bill. Add a leak on top of that, and you’re looking at a sizeable amount of wasted water, and money.

To fix a leaky tub spout/shower head, you’ll need to replace the tub/shower handle. To do so, you’ll need a screwdriver, pair of needle-nose pliers, a cartridge puller and some silicone grease – all of which are available at your local hardware store.

For an in-depth guide on how to remove the old, leaky cartridge and install a new one, head here.

4. Install a Dual-Flush Toilet Valve

80% of the time, you are using more water than necessary to flush your toilet. By installing a HydroRight® Dual Flush Valve, you can solve this problem with ease!

The Dual Flush Valve converts your toilet into a two-button, dual-flush toilet, giving you two flushing options: the full flush and the quick flush, which uses significantly less water – perfect for liquids and paper.

The Dual Flush Valve is easy to install, no tools required. And, as an added bonus, it replaces the traditional toilet flapper, chain and handle – you’ll never have to jiggle that chain again!

5. Unclog Your Drains

Why spend up to $200 on drain repair when you can unclog your drains yourself?

There are many DIY ways to unclog a drain. Boiling water, baking soda/vinegar mixtures, and caustic soda will often do the trick. You can also use a shop-vac, wire-hanger, Zip-it or plumbing snake for the, especially stubborn clogs.

For more tips on unclogging drains yourself, check out our two guides, here and here.

Whether it’s DIY plumbing skills or easy access to innovative, water-saving plumbing repair parts, Danco has got you covered. We hope you tackle these money-saving projects soon!