People gather in the kitchen, lounge in the living room, and get their first impression of your home in the entryway…

…but it’s often the bathrooms that have the largest impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

Here are four simple ways to remodel your bathroom on a budget – so you and all your guests can feel welcomed, clean and comfortable in this most important of rooms.

  1. Replace your sink handles. 

Give your bathroom an upscale, modern look with a set of Danco brand Universal Lever Handles

Adding new sink handles may seem like a small component compared to the greater picture of renovating a bathroom, but they can easily make or break the style you are going for. 

The sink is also where people wash their hands – the more stylish and clean your sink is, the better your guests (and you as well!) will feel after leaving the bathroom.

We carry lever handle options in oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome and polished brass.

  1. Revamp your tub/shower with a trim kit. 

Replacing your tub/shower’s trim kit is an easy, DIY plumbing project to upgrade the look of your bathroom. A clean and shiny tub/shower trim kit also makes every bath and shower better! 

Danco carries everything you need to easily replace your current trim kit, even if it’s a name-brand. 

See all our name-brand replacement trim kits here – each one easily installed with basic household tools.

  1. Give your toilet a shiny, new handle.

Nothing quite ruins a bathroom experience like a filthy toilet (yuck!).

Even if you keep your toilet sparkling and shiny clean, however, if your toilet handle is old, outdated and dirty, it will spoil the look of your whole bathroom.

So, give your toilet some love and install a new, decorative toilet handle. We carry stylish options in oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, chrome and brushed nickel.

  1. Turn your bathroom green.

We don’t mean paint your bathroom green! If that’s your thing, by all means, go for it!

No, we turn your bathroom into the most environmentally friendly room in the house, with just a couple simple additions:

First, install an aerator in your bathroom sink! According to the EPA, installing bathroom faucet aerators is the single most effective water-saving plumbing change you can make.

These small mesh screens install easily onto the end of your faucets, using Cyclone Technology to limit water flow, saving up to 30% water-use, while maintaining optimal water-pressure.

Second, upgrade your toilet with a Dual-Flush Converter! These easily-installed, cutting-edge flush valves turn your toilet into a dual-flush toilet, empowering you and your guests to save water, and help the environment with every flush. 


Follow each one of these steps, and your bathroom will look and feel exponentially cleaner, more modern and stylish. The best part is…

…you can easily complete each of these remodels options with simple household tools and our helpful How-To videos guiding you every step of the way!

Which means you could have a brand-new feeling bathroom in half a day or less, without breaking the bank!

That’s what Danco is all about – empowering people like you to take their plumbing projects into their own hands.

Happy remodeling!