Each winter, there is always the risk of plumbing leaks, clogs, freezing pipes, and other plumbing problems caused by freezing temperatures. During the colder months, ground temperatures drop significantly, which can wreak havoc on your plumbing systems. Keep reading to understand how cold water affects your plumbing system and what you can do to prevent major plumbing problems this winter!

Blizzard-like temperatures are tough in general to deal with and oftentimes hurt your pipes, plumbing appliances, and drains. Foreign objects, hair, household goods, and food substances such as cooking grease, rice and pasta, and coffee grounds can cause major clogs, but in the winter these substances will harden into impervious globs in cold drain pipes, resulting in the need for expensive plumbing repair.

Taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid an unfortunate situation.

Investing in plumbing solutions, like a sink strainer and bathtub hair catcher, are simple and efficient ways to prevent clogs from occurring in your drain line. Our series of sink strainers and bathtub hair catchers capture hair and other debris, keeping them from obstructing water flow in your sink. Easy to use and easy to install, our bathroom sink hair catchers help you to keep your sink in the best condition, and offer a simple, inexpensive DIY plumbing solution to avoid future issues.

Protect your sink with our series of Stainless Steel Mesh Strainers. Available separately and in a value-pack for all sink types such in kitchen and bathroom sinks and bathtubs, mesh strainers gather debris and food scraps, while allowing water to pass through keeping the drain flowing freely. Our series of Mesh Drain Strainers is constructed of durable stainless steel that will endure the rigors of everyday use.

Shower Drain Hair Catchers with baskets are another great option to protect shower drains from clogs. The hidden basket stops hair in its tracks before sliding down the drain to keep them flowing freely. It’s designed to fit a standard 3-inch stand-alone shower and the hidden basket detaches for easy clean.

Water leaks become more prevalent during the winter time due to a worn-out flapper, handle, or faulty flapper chain. Whenever you determine a leak in the home, we suggest using Danco Plumbing parts to fix it immediately. Check all the faucets to ensure there aren’t any unexpected leaks when it gets cold. Look out for wet spots, dripping sounds, visible droplets, or musty smells. These are indicators of a leak somewhere. If you find a leaky plumbing appliance, pipe, or faucet anywhere, fixing it immediately will prevent a leak from getting out of control.

Upgrading your toilet tank system with a water-saving premium toilet repair kit is a sure-fire way to increase its efficiency. HYR451T and HYR460 are Water-Saving Toilet Total Repair Kits. These kits by converting a standard 2-piece toilet 1.6 GPF and higher into a two-handle, dual flush toilet. Compatible with standard 2 inch flush toilets, HY451t quick flush setting utilizes significantly lower water volumes for liquids and paper. Full Flush moderates the normal amount of water for solids. The Total Repair Kits can be calibrated to adjust the exact amount of water needed and detect leaks.

A dripping faucet can sometimes be caused from a faulty O-ring or washer. Simply replacing these small bands will repair a leaking faucet without having to replace the entire faucet fixture. Repairing your old faucet instead of changing it, eliminates the need for an entirely new faucet ultimately helping you to save money. Our Home Washer Assortment comes with the most popular and widely used washers and includes 42 durable pieces in various sizes for your convenience.

Home Washer Assortment is available on Amazon, Lowe’s, and the Home Depot.

Lastly, some quick ways to beat the freeze in your home is to

  • Keeping cabinet doors cracked open will allow warmer air to circulate around plumbing.
  • Run water through your pipes by allowing faucets to trickle water. This will prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Regulate temperatures in your home by keeping thermostat temperatures consistent day and night
  • Insulating your home’s pipes is a great way to protect pipes from freezing and bursting.