Springtime is upon us! Flowers are blooming, temperatures are just right, and it’s the perfect time for spring cleaning or DIY projects! It is also the perfect time to overhaul your plumbing system and ensure that it is working in the best condition. Consider adding plumbing projects to the spring project checklist.

Bathroom Upgrades

Convert a standard tub into a shower with the Versaspray.

Replacing a shower head is a simple upgrade you can make to your shower. With an improved portable design, Versaspray Shower Head will transform your bathtub into an innovative shower quickly, making it perfect for rinsing off, bathing children, washing pets and even cleaning tubs. The sprayer slips on to your existing tub spout for quick and easy installation. VersaSpray handheld shower sprayer fits standard size round or square shaped garden tub spout and tub spouts without a diverter.

Versaspray is available at Lowes, the Home Depot, and Amazon.

Upgrading faucet fixtures

Upgrading faucet fixtures is an easy DIY project that can be done quickly with minimal tools. Danco Shower Trim Kit for (10002) Moen and (11084) Delta allows you to replace your existing worn-out shower trim without replacing the existing shower valve. This shower kit includes all the replacement parts to complete your DIY project!

Danco Shower Trim Kit for Moen is available at Lowes, the Home Depot, and Amazon.

Danco Shower Trim Kit for Delta is available at Lowes, the Home Depot, and Amazon.

To assist in the installation process, Danco offers BILT 3D Interactive Instructions. It is a revolutionary way that offers voice & text guided directions and step-by-step self-paced instructions to help you finish your install quickly & efficiently, with the confidence you’ve done it right!

Pair your tub faucet fixtures with a tub drain upgrade!

Installing new tub drain trim is also a beginner-friendly DIY project that requires minimal tools. Danco Touch-Toe Bath Drain Trim Kit lets you complete the tub drain trim of your bathroom with a finished look. The complete kit includes an overflow plate, bath drain strainer, washer and bushing. It is constructed of durable brass with a modern matte black finish. This item is sure to complement your existing fixtures.

Danco Touch-Toe Bath Drain Trim Kit is Available at Lowes, the Home Depot, and Amazon.

Kitchen Upgrades

Upgrade faucet handles

Swap out your faucet handles to add a stylish flair to your sink faucet Handles this spring! This DIY project can be done on a weekend or in minimal time! Danco Cross-arm handles feature a cross-style design with a white porcelain finish and a chrome metal trim. The handle includes hot, cold and arrow buttons that allow for you to choose which index button you would like to you. The complete kit includes everything you need to install this replacement handle.

Danco Cross-Arm Handles can be purchased on Amazon, Lowes, or at the Home Depot.

Add a fresh paint

Painting is a quick way to freshen up a space as the limit of creativity and artistry does not exist! With creativity comes mess. Luckily, Danco offers products that minimize waste and control messes.  Wipe-It Paint Squeegee control messes around the rim of a paint can. To use, attach the squeegee to the surface of the paint can rim and slide around to push the paint back into the can.  The Squeegee also removes excess paint from paint shields and other straight edge tools.

Wipe-It Paint Squeegee is available on Amazon.

Prevent paint spills or splatter on carpet, hardwood floors, countertops or furniture with these absorbing pads that work on any surface with Protect.It Project Pads! Protect-It Project Pads are a mess free alternative solution, designed to protect surfaces from spills during projects, as well as makes cleaning up easy & convenient.

Protect-It Project Pads can be purchased on Amazon.

Spring is the perfect time to make updates and home improvements bring a fresh, new vibe to your space and Danco is here to provide all the home solutions to your DIY needs!