You’ve just cleaned and disinfected your toilet. But why does it still smell? Where is it coming from? The foul odor seems to persist no matter how many times you scrub your toilet down. What could be causing it? In this blog, we’ll talk about the mystery of clean but smelly toilets and help you find the right products to solve the problem.

No one wants a smelly toilet. It’s unpleasant and can be embarrassing when you have guests. Unfortunately, no scented candle or air freshener can make it go away. The smell can even become dangerous if it’s caused by toxins that linger and negatively affect the air quality in your home. So, rather than ignoring a smelly toilet, it’s time you do something about it.

Ventilation problems

One of the first things you should check is the ventilation pipeline. Is there a blockage or some kind of damage? If the house is new, was the ventilation pipeline installed improperly?

If the smell lingers despite proper cleaning and disinfection, there may be a problem with the vent. Check the part where the toilet vent pipe lets go of the sewer gases. If there’s any debris, the gases could be causing the disgusting smell.

Broken flange

Does your toilet wobble whenever you sit on it? The flange may be broken or the bolts are loose. In that case, tighten the bolts that fasten the toilet to the floor. If the smell still lingers, the flange may be damaged or broken. That’s because the flange creates the seal between the waste pipe and toilet to prevent air and water from escaping.

HydroSeat Toilet Flange Repair will make this job easier. It’s a simple one-piece installation that should fix damaged or broken flanges and leaking, wobbly toilets. When installed with a wax ring, it provides a leak-free and tight seal. It also comes with a self-centering rubber funnel that should fit all toilets, plus high-quality stainless-steel bolts to prevent movement. HydroSeat debris cover will prevent the sewer gases from escaping when removed.

Damaged toilet seal

When the caulk sealing is weak or missing, liquid can go under the toilet and cause fungus and bacteria growth, which can cause foul smells. That seal should seal the seam between the floor and the base of the toilet.

To fix this, you have to remove the toilet and thoroughly clean the base area. Don’t forget to properly reseal that area when you’re done! Try Danco Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring, which is designed for easy installation with its patent seal design. The combination of rubber gaskets and the encapsulated wax creates a seal that is three times stronger than a regular wax ring without making a mess. Perfect Seal will also stabilize the toilet bolts to ensure a tight seal, which minimizes the risk of odors and leaks.

Is your smelly toilet beyond repair?

You’ve checked everything there is nothing wrong with the seal, flange, or ventilation. Where is that smell coming from? In that case, there may be a bigger plumbing issue, or perhaps the toilet itself is severely damaged and requires professional expertise and a replacement.