While you are still soaking in the last few weeks of summer, there are many DIY projects you can do to prepare your home for the fall season and colder weather ahead. Planning ahead will not only minimize the workload down the road, but it will also reduce stress and the risk of any issue later. Here are some last-minute DIY projects to wrap up your summer!


Install a new Air Gap Cap

Installing a new Dishwasher Air Gap Cap is a simple DIY project. An Air gap cap is a fitting mounted above the sink. It prevents contaminated water from re-entering the dishwasher from the drain through the backwash. Replacing the air gap cap is easy to make certain wastewater and contaminants never re-enter your clean water supply. At Danco, we offer a sleek Kitchen Air Gap Cap in Matte Black that is durably designed to resist rust through the rigors of daily use.

Repair a leaking faucet

Repairing your old faucet instead of changing it eliminates the need for an entirely new faucet – helping you to save money and time. The most common source of a leaking faucet can be attributed to a worn-out washer. Danco Assorted Faucet Washers (34441) O-Ring Kit eliminates faucet leaks by providing a better seal and a positive shut-off. It is the ultimate assortment kit for any plumbing professional and daily DIYer. The Danco O-Ring Kit will be great to have around the home for a more general faucet and household repairs.


Toilet Upgrades

If you plan on installing a new toilet, we suggest choosing the Perfect Seal instead of an ordinary wax ring. The Perfect seal takes the guesswork out of toilet installation, guaranteeing a perfect seal the first time. The Perfect Seal fits any drain size and flange depth. It combines specially designed rubber gaskets with encapsulated wax, so there is no sticky mess. The wax is 3X stronger than a traditional wax ring. You can stabilize and reposition the toilet with the Perfect Seal.

To keep your toilet running at 100% and repair common toilet issues that cause water leaks. Consider investing in a high-performing Toilet Tank Repair Kit. This kit has everything you need to replace the fill valve, flapper, ball float, and rod. Repairing your toilet fill valve will save water and money on your next water bill. This toilet repair kit will hold up in everyday use, and the basic design will fit most toilets.

Shower Upgrades

Consider upgrading your bathroom faucet and showerhead. This will not only improve the functionality of your bathtub/shower but also freshen up the space and add value to your bathroom. At Danco, we offer stylish and functional trim kits, such as the Danco Shower Trim kit designed for both Moen and Delta Faucets. This line of trim kit allows you to replace your existing worn-out shower trim without replacing the valve. We have designed compatibility features into this Trim Kit, including adapters to fit both Moen and Posi-Temp cartridge style faucets. Choose between a clear acrylic handle or a sleek metal handle. This kit includes all the replacement parts for Moen to complete your DIY project.

Replacing your shower head is one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can implement into your shower. Installed in less than 20 minutes, Danco 5-Spray Water-Saving Shower Head in Matte Black has 5-spray settings with an adjustable ball connection joint design that makes this showerhead flexible and swivels to adjust angles or directions for a more comfortable shower. It is EPA WaterSense certified and comes in a sleek Matte Black design to perfectly complement your bathroom décor.

As you soak up that last bit of summer sun, give your home a little TLC to make sureis ready for the fall.