The New Year is the time to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Most people set goals of weight loss, giving up bad habits, or coming up with new ideas. Why not use this year to make resolutions for updates to your bathroom? It is, after all, one of the most important rooms in your home!

A bathroom remodel might seem overwhelming, but there are simple things you can do yourself to update your bathroom space. Remodeling the bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the overall value of your home as well.

If you’ve decided to make a bathroom remodel your resolution for the upcoming New Year, you may be wondering…now what?

We can’t stress this enough. No matter the size of your remodel, you must make decisive plans of action for the remodel process to avoid future pitfalls as much as possible. Even doing the most simple updates, like faucet or toilet replacements, require you to put thought into the items you are choosing and whether or not they will work if you decide to do more major renovations in the future.

Below we’ve listed some tips and tricks to keep in mind when remodeling your bathroom.

Know your time frame.
Is there a certain date that your project needs to be finished by? Is the bathroom being remodeled the only one in the home, or do you have another you can use?
Knowing your time frame gives you a much better idea of what you can DIY, and what you will need to hire a contractor for. If it’s a simple upgrade, like replacing Faucet Handles, many of these can be done in an afternoon or weekend.

Make a full list of what needs to be done or replaced.
Do you want to add new tile? Replace the toilet? Add a new stand-alone shower? Replace cabinets?
All of these are important questions to ask before committing to any remodel or updates to your bathroom.

Find inspiration and set a budget.
There are so many beautiful upgrades available on the market, so it’s a really good idea to start something like a Pinterest board to find what you really love and to help keep you focused. Once you get an overall idea of what it is you want for your bathroom, set a realistic budget, and stick to it. There are many products available that add lovely detail to existing fixtures as well. Something as simple as replacing the Toilet Handle can update the look of your toilet without having to replace the whole thing.

Know your Skillset.
If you are an experienced DIYer, there may be a few things that you are afraid to tackle. If, however, the amount of time you’ve spent doing home projects yourself is low, it’s important to know what you are capable of doing on your own and when it’s time to call in a professional.

If you don’t have lots of DIY experience, there are quite a few things you can do to upgrade and update your bathroom space without too much of a learning curve involved. Things like replacing cabinet door knobs and hinges, adding a frame to a mirror, or adding a new coat of paint are simple to do.

Replacing a toilet is also relatively easy, but there are even easier ways to update and modernize the existing toilet so you don’t have to completely replace it. Other simple upgrades are replacing the toilet seat, replacing the shower curtain with a more modern design, replacing lightswitch and outlet covers, and replacing the existing faucets with new, more modern ones.

With Danco, you can add a touch of style and class to your bathroom without breaking the bank. We offer products for the DIYer and experienced professionals alike. Visit our “How to” support center to learn more!