With the summer season in full swing, it’s crucial to keep your toilet functioning flawlessly to handle the increased usage. Follow these simple yet effective toilet repair tips to avoid any inconveniences and ensure a smooth bathroom experience throughout the season.

Tip #1: Replace the Toilet Handle

Learn how to fix a leaking toilet, preventing water wastage and potential damage. Replace the worn-out toilet tank lever with a reliable Toilet Tank Replacement Handle for proper flushing. Toilet Tank Replacement Handle is a study and reliable choice! This handle features a 58-degree handle/elbow adjustment and a 205-degree arm adjustment. This toilet handle creates the perfect fit for your toilet! You can pick up this sleek Toilet Tank Replacement Lever now at Wal-Mart!

Tip #2: Replace the Wax Ring

Learn the essential steps to replace the wax ring and ensure a proper seal and avoid leaks at the base of the toilet. A toilet wax ring is a seal that is located between the toilet and the flange on the floor. A hot summer season can cause the wax ring to become soft and lose its seal, leading to water damage and possible unsanitary conditions in your bathroom. To avoid these unpleasant problems, we suggest investing in a high-quality wax ring such as Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring with Bolts. Its patented design ensures a tight seal and easy installation. It also comes with bolts that make installation a breeze!

You can get the Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring now on Amazon and the Home Depot.

Tip #3: Use Toilet Shims

Discover how to stabilize a wobbly toilet with easy-to-install toilet shims. Use Danco’s Plastic Toilet shims are small plastic or rubber wedges that are placed under the base of the toilet to level it out. If your toilet is wobbling or rocking, it can be a sign of a damaged or loose flange or an uneven floor. Toilet shims can help to level out the toilet and prevent any leaks or water damage. These shims are also a great solution to prevent your toilet from shifting after installation. Danco’s Toilet Shims are located in-store and online now at Wal-Mart! You can also order online on Amazon.

Tip #4: Invest in Water-Saving Toilet Products

Embrace water-saving toilet products like Danco’s Water-Saving HydroRight Toilet Total Repair Kits. Water conservation is always important, but it’s especially important during the boiling summer season, as water usage levels are typically higher. Investing in water-saving toilet products like our line of Water-Saving HydroRight Toilet Total Repair Kits – HYR460 and HYR451T! These toilet repair kits reduce water consumption without sacrificing performance. HYR460 is available now at Wal-Mart!

The line of HydroRight Toilet Repair Kits has a dual-flush valve that allows you to choose between a half flush and a full flush, which can help you save up to 50% of water with every flush. HYR451T is also available on Amazon, and at the Home Depot.

By following these toilet repair tips and utilizing high-quality Danco plumbing products, you can enjoy a trouble-free summer with a fully functional and efficient toilet. Don’t let toilet issues dampen your summer fun – take control and ensure your bathroom stays clean and worry-free throughout the season.