DALLAS, April 13, 2017 – Danco™, a leading supplier of plumbing repair and replacement parts for major home improvement retailers, today announced the extension of its hair catcher product line with the introduction of three bathroom sink and bathtub hair catchers.

Unlike ordinary bathtub hair catchers, Danco’s new 2-1 hair catcher and bathtub stopper features both a patent-pending stopper and a drop-in hair catcher basket that collects hair below the drain surface to keep unattractive hair clumps out of sight. To use, place the hair catcher in the bathtub drain and lift the integrated stopper to allow water to flow through. To stop water from draining, simply lower the chrome stopper.

To clean, easily lift the catcher out of the drain, wipe away the hairs and drop back into the drain. The stopper is finished with a premium chrome to blend in with existing fixtures and the hair catcher basket is made of durable, long lasting silicone that fits most standard 1.5” diameter bathtub drains.

Two other bathtub and bathroom sink hair catchers feature a patent-pending suction cup that clings to the stopper and keeps the hair catchers in place when the stopper is either open or closed. To install, place the hair catchers over the bathtub or bathroom sink drain and engage the suction cup. To clean, detach the suction cup, wipe away the hair and place it back over the stopper.  The bathtub hair catcher fits most standard Lift & Turn, Push Button, and Trip Lever bathtub stoppers and the bathroom sink hair catcher fits most standard sink pop-up stoppers.

All three hair catchers will be featured in New Product World and in the Danco Booth #2215 at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, May 9 – 11, 2017. They will be available at local retailers soon.

For over 35 years, Danco™ has been one of the largest plumbing repair, replacement and remodeling suppliers in the home improvement industry, consistently delivering innovative products. Danco is a retail division of the plumbing products group of Dallas-based NCH Corporation. For more information, please visit Danco.com.