Washing your hair will keep it clean and lustrous while preventing dandruff and itching on your scalp. However, if you have long hair, hairs clogging your drain may be a common occurrence in your bath or shower. Over time, the blockage can accumulate and prevent water from draining properly and completely. You need to learn how to prevent this from happening and causing bigger problems in the long run.

One of the ways to prevent hair from causing severe clogging is making sure it won’t reach down the drain. You can do that with a hair catcher. It’s like a strainer designed to fit into your drain to catch debris like loose strands of hair and soap scum. That way, you can simply pick up the debris or remove the hair catcher to dispose of the hairs.

Danco makes high-quality hair catchers for every drain type and size, so you should be able to find the exact product that you need. Here’s an overview of some of their products that may be right for your drain:

Stand-Alone Shower Drain Hair Catcher w/ Basket

Danco’s stand-alone shower drain hair catcher with a basket comes in different colors and specifications:

Chrome – It keeps unwanted debris from your drain, with a hidden basket to stop the hair from going further down the drain. It easily detaches for occasional cleaning. Installing this product should keep your drain flowing freely while minimizing clogging caused by foreign objects. It should fit a standard three-inch standalone shower enclosure, and it comes with two extra baskets for replacement, but you can also get a set with six baskets.

White – The metal drain cover ring also comes in a white version to suit your shower or bathroom aesthetics.

Another option is the 5-3/4-inch stand-alone shower strainer that comes in brushed nickel. It should fit most standard size drains and keep them flowing freely. This product is made of durable stainless steel, with a rubber outer ring to make a reliable seal along with the drain opening.

Bathtub Hair Catcher

For your bathtub, check out Danco Bathroom Drain Hair Catcher with a strainer. Its innovative flower shape has tiny pegs to catch and trap unwanted debris along its silicone petals, so hair won’t go down the drain.

You can get this product in a pack of one or three. Unlike conventional in-drain hair catchers that can become gunky and stinky with soap scum, Danco’s bathtub hair catcher is easier to clean by simply running under hot water and wiping with towel or tissue paper . Moreover, it will not retain smells.

2-in-1 Bathtub Hair Catcher and Stopper

Danco’s innovative two-in-one strainer and stopper combination discreetly and efficiently catches hair to prevent clogged and slow-moving drains. It’s a more advanced hair catcher made with a durable silicone basket and a patent-pending stopper. It is easy to install in the bathtub drain, and you can simply lift the stopper. It’s easy to clean, too.

Over the Drain Tub Hair Catcher

Available in packs of one or two, the bathtub hair catcher with a suction cup will catch hair and prevent your drain from clogging. It features the unique silicone rubber of Danco in its suction cup design, which clings to the stopper to keep it in place whether open or closed. The suction works best for surfaces which are smooth and have no cracks, bumps and/or decorative designs.

Sink Hair Catcher

Featuring Danco’s patent-pending suction cup design, this hair catcher is a must-have if you wash your hair in the sink. It will keep the catcher in place regardless of whether the stopper is closed or open. It’s easy to install, and simple to detach for cleaning. It should fit most conventional sink pop-up stoppers of up to 1-1/2 inches.

Mesh Bathtub Hair Catcher

Measuring 2-3/4 inches, this tub mesh strainer by Danco is also capable of catching food particles. It’s made of durable stainless steel that can withstand daily use.