Warm, hot, and sunny days are coming, which means that you will likely use more water at home. This will not just lead to a higher water bill—it’s also bad for the environment. It’s important to conserve water not just for savings, but also to make a positive impact on your community and on the planet. It’s time to be concerned with your water use.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, at least 40 states are projected to experience water shortages by 2024. If you can’t imagine life without a constant stream of water, it’s time to take concrete steps to ensure that you’re not being wasteful.

Not sure how to start saving water? Here are some easy water conservation tips to get you started:

  1. Be mindful of your water usage

The easiest way to conserve water is by being mindful of your usage. Simple steps like not letting the faucet run while you’re washing your hands or brushing your teeth can already make a big difference. Remember to turn off the faucet between uses and keep your shower time short (no longer than 15 minutes).

  1. Fix problems ASAP

If you notice any leak, no matter how small, get it fixed immediately.

Leaky faucets drip at an average rate of one drip per second. That means one leaky faucet will waste over 3,000 gallons a year, according to the EPA in 2021. Be sure to find the source of the leak and fix it to avoid wasting even more water. Check out our latest blog Fix Your Leak (Repairing Your Leaky Faucet) for instructions & tips on DIY faucet repairs.

Is your toilet constantly running? Then it’s wasting water and may need to be replaced or repaired. Danco carries a variety of toilet tank repair kits that will let you fix leaks and other problems. Try HYR460 Water-Saving Toilet Total Repair Kit with Dual Flush Valve, a two-in-one product that will make your toilet more efficient to help you save money and water.

If you have a damaged flapper, replace it with the FLT231 HydroStop Toilet Tank Flapperless Alternative. It’s engineered to eliminate common toilet problems, with a drop-in to reduce the risk of leaks and ensure a proper seal. It also has the patented Safe Toilet Overflow Protection (STOP) Technology to prevent the bowl from overflowing. FLT231 is available at Lowes, the Home Depot, or on Amazon.

  1. Install practical tools that will help with water conservation

Use a water-saving spray head to conserve water in your sink. Check out Smart Spray, which comes with water-saving capabilities with an ergonomic design. It’s equipped with a 1.5 GPM spray that lets you do stream or wide sprays. The Smart Spray is available on Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot.

Do you have leaking toilet flappers, inconvenient handles, or tangled chains? Danco offers the Total Repair Dual Flush Valve, which you can easily and quickly convert your standard toilet into a two-button and dual flush unit. The Quick Flush button uses reduced water volumes for flushing paper and liquids. Check out HYR460 at Lowes, the Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.

Routine maintenance is also a way to prevent leaks and conserve water. Be sure to check your faucet, sink, and toilet parts, and choose energy-saving appliances when they need replacement or an upgrade.