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9H-8H/C Hot/Cold Stem for Price Pfister Tub/Shower Faucets

Repair your leaky faucet with the Danco 9H-8H/C Hot/Cold Stem for Price Pfister Faucets. Replacing a faucet stem is an economical alternative to replacing the entire faucet. A dripping faucet wastes both water and energy. The installation of a new faucet stem and seat will stop the drip and return your faucet to like new condition.

Model # 05850B
2.04 out of 5 based on 28 customer ratings
28 customer reviews Write a review

Product Description

Repair your leaky faucet with the Danco 9H-8H/C Hot/Cold Stem for Price Pfister Faucets. Replacing a faucet stem is an economical alternative to replacing the entire faucet. A dripping faucet wastes both water and energy. The installation of a new faucet stem and seat will stop the drip and return your faucet to like new condition.

  • Durable brass construction
  • Ceramic disc construction
  • Does not require faucet seat for installation
  • Comparable to Pfister 910-030, 910-0300 & S10-030
  • For hot and cold water applications
  • ID length 9, broach H
  • Complies with the reduction of lead in drinking water act


  • PKG Height (in.)6.38
  • PKG Width (in.)1.31
  • PKG Length (in.)1.25
  • PKG Weight (in.)0.45
  • Product Height(in).4.50
  • Product Width(in).1.13
  • Product Length(in).1.13
  • OEM BrandPrice Pfister
  • Water/TypeHot, Cold
  • MaterialBrass
  • Handle Type (1 Handle or 2 Handle)2
  • Product TypeFaucet Stem

28 reviews for 9H-8H/C Hot/Cold Stem for Price Pfister Tub/Shower Faucets

  1. Larry Borshard

    Great fit, solved the leak instantly. Reverse rotation – clockwise is on, counter clockwise is off. THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE STEM, NO INSTRUCTIONS TO REVERSE ROTATION ON THE INTERNET OR THIS DANCO SITE AND NO WAY TO NORMALIZE ROTATION. I know, I disassembled...Read More

  2. Doug Griffin

    Only have to replace about every three to nine months. You know it’s time when the slow dripping starts. After a couple of days, it drips at a rapid paced. Hoping to replace the shower so we don’t have to use anymore.

  3. Billy Peek

    have replace this stem almost every 6 months..had enough time to replace everything..Danco has good CS but this product is not good..

  4. Clayton Morrow

    The lack of reverse rotation and the price of the stem are the only negatives I have for this stem. Easy installation, and functions easily.

  5. Denise Cochran

    In the past year I have replaced this part 8 TIMES!!!! We have lived in this house 15 years without an issue. At $27 a pop this is getting really old, cant wait to gut the bathroom and start over.

  6. Notaproplumber RD

    Great product! Reversing is easy. Carefully pry off plastic stop with a small flat blade screwdriver, flip it over and re-engage the keyed section and you get the right turn off operation.Plastic insert fits both ways.

  7. brian

    9H-8H/C is garbage its last 3-6 months at the most then starts dripping . We have a building that uses dozens of these valve and now we are constantly changing valves at $30.00 a pop. I would NOT recommend using these valves

  8. John Reed

    Brand new for over $20 and it leaks at the stem. Crappy workmanship for such an overpriced item.

  9. Joe Ruiz


  10. Kevin McHugh

    Yes to all of the above. Reversing the stop for cold water turn off is difficult. No instructions anywhere. Seat cartridge comes apart in the process and then you need to figure out how to put that back together. Disappointing.

  11. Darv Dombach

    This is for the birds. The package comes with no installation instructions. It says to call technical support or go to the website. But the website has the instructions for this model number, and the technical support phone line only operates during business hours. This is obv...Read More

    Make that, NO instructions.

  12. Phillip Shiver

    Left-hand shut off. No instructions on switching to right-hand!!!

  13. Mark

    Easy to install 5 Stars. But I have to replace every 4-8 months. They just don’t last. Plus at a cost of $22.50 to $32.50 the parts are not cheap. I whish they last longer.

  14. Dennis

    I have used this product over my 20 years of owning. You can reverse direction easily by flipping the plastic stop over. It works fine. It doesn’t last forever but what stem does? I like it because it is heavy duty and has the big nut for you crescent wrench out in the...Read More

  15. Jim Davis

    I have replaced the valve 3 times in the last year. Not recommended.

  16. Verner Stevanus

    As with others I am unable to change rotation to match hot, otherwise I don’t have an issue with leakage.

  17. guillermo sifuentes


  18. Brianosaurus

    This valve does not instill confidence. When I installed the hot side, it leaked out of the tip of the stem until I worked the handle back and forth a few times. When I installed the cold side it also leaked from the end of the stem until I worked the handle a few times. Ad...Read More

  19. Zach Loiselle

    This is the 5th time replacing this item. This last time it only lasted 1.5 months. I wish I could buy this stem from a different supplier. Would not recommend.

  20. Jay

    Lousy product, only last 3 months, design flaw, why can’t I just replace the ceramic discs? The brass will last a lifetime I have changed at least 8 of these in the few years since I have installed, next step is discard it,I would like to return the defective ones to have ce...Read More

  21. Roxie

    Bad workenship or design. One year I had to replace stems 6 times and at $35 each.
    Why so many 4 or 5 stars from reviewers with bad comments regarding the longevity of this product. Is someone from Danco changing the rating?
    I’m contacting Pfister to hopefu...Read More

    • Danco (store manager)

      Hi Roxie,
      Thank you for reaching out. I have shared your comments with our Product Management and Engineering Team for review. In regards to reviews, Danco does not have the option to change ratings. What is submitted from the customer is exactly what shows on the produc...Read More

  22. Reuel

    Have to replace every 6-8 months no mater what.

  23. Steve Bradbury

    Easy to install, direct replacement. Don’t like that I could not reverse the direction of rotation so now my cold water valve turns the wrong way of what it used to. Will see how long it lasts.

  24. Jackofalltrades Masterofnone

    This newer updated stem ($29)with the black plastic midbody, not the previous($14) copper/brass with the reversible white plastic stop, is TRASH.
    *Both stems have no directions to customers to know the on/off stop but the old one, you could figure out by flipping the pla...Read More

    Beyond awful design!!!!

  25. Robert Sendler

    This does not look like the 9H-8H/C that I’ve been using. Is this a new part with the same number or is this a direct replacement for the old part with that number.

    • Danco (store manager)

      Hi Robert,
      This product is a direct replacement to the OEM. While the stem may look different it was recently designed to be a better fit.

  26. Mike bol

    It is a lousy valve the last model I replaced it every 3-4 years, this one has to be replaced every 2-3 months, I I wish they would have continued to produce the last model, this one is really bad, I think am going to change the plumbing in my shower and install something else...Read More

  27. Brianosaurus

    I wrote a review in February 2022 about how these cartridges didn’t instill confidence because they leaked right after installing until I worked the handles back and forth a few times. They’re now leaking pretty bad after 19 months in a shower that gets used only...Read More

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How to video

View Instructions 05850B Download Instructions

Step-by-step instructions

Is anything more annoying than a leaky faucet? Maybe not; But it's also well within your power to fix it yourself with Danco. Read on, to find out how. Tools and supplies required: Flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, wrench, seat removal tool (optional)

First, determine the source of the leak. If water is leaking from underneath the handle onto the counter, the stem of whichever handle is leaking needs to be replaced. If water is dripping from the faucet, turn off the hot water supply valve under the sink. If water is still dripping, you need to replace the cold stem (right handle). If the water stops dripping when you turned off the hot water valve, you need to replace the hot stem (left handle). Once you’ve determined the trouble stem, turn off the water supply.


Remove the Handle by lifting off the Index Cap with a flathead screwdriver. Next, Remove the handle (so the stem is visible) by loosening the Set Screw by the screw counter-clockwise. Set aside the Handle, Set Screw and Handle Button to reinstall at the end of the project.  


If you have a plastic stem, unscrew the top cap and pop out the stem. If you have a brass stem, remove the stem by using a wrench and rotating it counter clockwise until it threads out entirely. Take a look at the Washer which is located on the lower end of the Stem. If the Washer is squeezed flat or has a groove worn in it, a Washer Kit coupled with a new Faucet Seat will likely solve your problem. When replacing the faucet seat, you can remove and replace the seat with an Allen wrench or a seat removal tool. Turn the seat counterclockwise to loosen, clockwise to tighten. Once removed, you will need to take your stem to your local home improvement store and use the Perfect Match locator system from Danco or use the online Stem Finder. This system makes it easy to find your replacement.


Once you have purchased your new stem, you can install it into your faucet

  • Install a brass stem by rotating clockwise until it threads entirely and tighten with a wrench.
  • Install a plastic stem by placing the stem into the handle base and screw on the top cap.


Now is a great time to upgrade your faucet’s appearance with universal metal handles. How to install the new universal handles

  • Place the handle adapter over the stem and tighten
  • Place the new handle on the adapter and insert the handle screw into the washer then into the handle and tighten.
  • If your new handle has an index button, place it on the handle.
Finally, turn the water back on to ensure the leak is fixed.

California residents prop 65 warning This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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