Don’t worry! Those loud, banging noises you hear in the walls are not signs that your house is haunted. If your pipes are noisy, the reason is simple: they are suffering from something called “water hammer”.

To bring some peace and quiet back into your home, let’s dive into what water hammer is, and how you can stop it.

What is Water Hammer?

While modern plumbing is truly a modern miracle, the constant start and stop of water flows can take a toll on our plumbing systems.

Water hammer occurs like this: water rushes through pipes under high pressure, and when the flow is suddenly cut off, such as when we turn off a faucet, or a toilet valve closes on its own, the water in the pipes is forced to come to a crashing halt. This abrupt stoppage of water causes a shockwave of sorts, and can cause your pipes to shake and rattle, “hammering” against your walls.

Depending on when your plumbing system was installed, you might have some water hammer-protection measures built in – or none at all. Some systems added air-chambers at intervals along the pipes, so that the water would have a cushion to crash against when it stopped. However, these air-pockets fill up with water over time, rendering them useless.

How Do I Stop It?

If your plumbing has air chambers built in, then you can possibly reduce water hammer by draining your pipes.

To do this, turn off your water supply, and then open all the faucets, flush all the toilets, and run the dishwasher and washing machine. This will completely drain your plumbing system of water, unclogging the water-logged air chambers. This should quiet your pipes for a time.

For a more effective, longer-lasting solution to noisy pipes, Danco has got you covered! Danco has innovated a line of Hammerstop Technology hoses that will eliminate and prevent your pipes from banging and making noise.

These easy-to-install Hammerstop hoses use a patented piston-action technology that absorbs the high surges in water pressure that typically cause water hammer. Each hose, whether for the dishwasher, washing machine, or ice maker, is lead and BPA free, and leaves no odor in your water!

Water hammer is not only a nuisance for your ears – untreated, it can lead to burst pipes and ruined plumbing. Save yourself a world of hassle, and take these steps to rid your house of water hammer today!