As Thanksgiving and the ensuing party of guests approach, there is no better time than now to get moving on improving the functionality of your house. After all, who doesn’t like compliments on their place from friends and family? Now let’s address some of the areas of your home that you can improve just in time for the company.

Do You Have a Leaky Faucet?

There is no doubt people will be around your sinks on Turkey Day. Whether it is washing hands in the bathroom, working in the kitchen or desperately trying to douse that Pinot Noir out of your favorite holiday sweater, your sink will most likely be receiving some high traffic. There is no better way to find the perfect part to repair that leak than by using our very own Danco x Lowe’s Leaky Faucet Guide!

Optimize Your Toilet for Efficiency

Whenever there is a high volume of food, some other nuisances come with it. But how do you prepare? Well, thanks to our innovative product brand, Next by Danco, we have the ultimate solution for you. One of these is the Water-Saving Toilet Total Repair Kit! This tool converts your toilet to one of extremely high-efficiency. With drop-in installation, it is a very simple fix to convert your toilet into a two-flush system. With both quick and full flush, you can save a high volume of water when your flush doesn’t really need it! So check it out.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Free of Things That Should Not Be Inside

Our absolute hit of a product is a true essential in your kitchen sink for Thanksgiving. As the dishes stack up in your sink throughout the day, so does silverware and other things that could slip right into your garbage disposal. The best way to avoid this issue and have absolutely no worries that your garbage disposal is safe is by using the Disposal Genie. The DG functions as a stopper for things that are not food or water. Basically, everything you want in your disposal will fall right in, while forks, spoons, and other pesky items stay out. You can even run your disposal while it’s in! When your guests start to leave and it is time to wash all those dishes, just pop it out of your drain and use the rubber scraper on the bottom to help clean those dishes! The benefits really just keep on coming. Check out all the colors it comes in and saves your disposal!

Care for Your Drains

Whether it is taking care of your drains before the big day, or riding them of some issues after the fact, Danco has you covered. We have expanded our innovation and research into a line of brand new products to address this very issue. Check out our new brand, TruFusion, at our brand new website and find out more about how our trusted and powerful products can save the day!