Do you plan to enjoy a much-needed summer vacation? Before you start packing, make sure to prepare your home so that you can come back to a relaxing space after weeks on the road. One of the most important things to check before you leave is your plumbing. Simple measures like checking your faucet for leaks and preparing your plumbing before your departure to save money and time on any potential plumbing problems and disasters. Follow these quick tips to prepare your home this summer:

Keep the drains clog-free

Make sure the drains are not clogged, so you do not come home to unpleasant odors and bacteria build-up while you’re away. Start by using the CLEAR-IT Drain Opener to naturally blast away any stubborn clogs. Next. install a hair catcher to prevent last-minute debris from going down the drain. Be sure not to forget your bathrooms and place a hair catcher in your sink and tub for easy removal and cleaning.

Try Danco’s NEW Square Hair Catcher with Basket for square drains or Round Hair Catcher with a white finish for round drains. Danco also has specially designed hair catchers for bathtubs.

Check your faucets for leaks

Take the time to check for any faucet leaks inside and outside your home so that you don’t come home to a huge water bill – or worse, a flood – when you get back from your vacation. 

If you find an indoor faucet dripping, it is best to get it fixed immediately especially if you know how to do some DIY plumbing. Be ready with a Phillips-head screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, wrench, pliers, plumber’s grease, replacement O-rings and other essential parts, and penetrating oil like CRC or WD-40. Check out the AI Part Finder Tool to find the right part you need in just e easy steps. 

Identifying where the leak is coming from should be your priority before doing anything else. For instance, if the handles of the compression faucet are leaking, the problem could be fixed by replacing the O-ring. If the leak comes from the spout, look up the techniques for fixing it according to the kind of faucet you have.

Is there a leak in one of your outdoor faucets? You will have to check if there are any worn-out or loose parts. Explore the external area and tighten the packing nut if it is loose. If there’s still a leak, replace the worn screws, washers, and other internal parts. If you have done those and there’s still a leak, it may be time to buy a new faucet or a new faucet handle. Check out Danco Universal Outdoor Faucet Handle, which is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Shut off the water 

Water damage could occur while you’re away if you leave the water on. To avoid dealing with a flood after a fun and memorable vacation, turn off the main water valve. This should also prevent any leaking faucets from racking up expensive water bills while you’re gone. Remember to shut off individual valves to your washing machine, dishwasher, and icemaker, as well as the water heater.

Drain your sprinkler system

A leaking hose or sprinkler can cause huge water bills even when they’re not in use. Remember to turn them off and unhook the hoses from their respective spouts.

Inspect outdoor drains and gutters

Poorly maintained gutters will cause rainwater to build-up and result in leaking or damaged roofs. Remove any debris from them and double-check that the gutters can drain far enough from the home to prevent flooding in the crawlspace or basement.

Ask someone trustworthy to check on your home

If you tend to worry about your home, ask someone you trust to check on it while you’re away. It can give you some peace of mind. They can also call a plumber and oversee the problem in case there’s an emergency.