After a long day, you, like most people, probably just want to soak in a bubble bath and feel like you’re in your own personal spa. But can all those bath bombs you’re using cause a clog later? Read on to find out if they’re really harming your plumbing.

What are bath bombs made of?

Bath bombs—which are formulated to create colorful and fragrant bubble baths—are mostly made up of oils, fragrance, and salts. Baking soda and Epsom salts are common ingredients, and while these dissolve in water, other additives don’t.

What really makes bubble baths problematic for pipes is that most bath bombs contain cocoa butter, cornstarch, essential oils, glitter, and flower petals. These additives leave residues that stick to the pipes. For example, when oil solidifies when it cools down and cornstarch hardens in the curves and elbows of the pipes as it dries. These deposits can collect clog-inducing substances down the line, particularly hair and soap residue.

The answer is yes – bubble baths can clog drains

Your bathtub’s plumbing can eventually become clogged due to the residue buildup and scum from the bath products you use. But liquid bubble baths should be safe, right? Well, no. They can cause clogged pipes, too, simply because they contain soaps, oils, colorants, and in some cases, glitter. Oily products and those with lanolin-based soaps can create a coating inside the pipes, restrict flow, and cause more debris and grime to stick. Oils in bubble baths can congeal and combine with colorants, glitter, and hair to cause severe clogging.

Just because bubble baths can clog drains doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop taking them. Danco offers a range of debris and hair catchers to protect your tub and minimize clogging.

You can also make an effort to ensure that the tub trim is in good shape and capable of proper drainage. Use Danco’s Bathtub Hair Catcher with Suction Cup during drainage. Simply put the suction cup on top of your existing drain kit and it should stop debris and glitter from going down the drain.

Does your tub have a fully removable tub stopper? Consider placing the Hair Catcher Bathroom Tub Strainer, which comes in white and stainless steel, down inside the drain to catch the debris and glitter as your bath water drains.

Does water drain while you’re soaking? The Danco 2-in-1 Bathtub Hair Catcher and Stopper will stop water flow while you’re bathing and catch debris from bath bombs when you’re done. And if your worn-out tub trim is damaged and causing leaks while you’re bathing, it may be time to replace it with one of Danco’s tub drain trim kits, like the Touch-Toe Tub Drain Trim Kit with Overflow, which comes in chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel. Another option is the Universal Lift and Turn Tub Drain Trim Kit in chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.

Care for your tub drain

Routine prevention and drain maintenance also help ensure proper tub drainage. Check out TruFusion. It’s Danco’s drain care maintenance line. Apply the Pro-Strength Drain Opener once a month to remove clogs before placing the hair catcher. It helps keep drains clear and clean, too.

For regular treatment, try Washout, which uses natural enzymes to eliminate soap scum. Don’t worry, it’s drain and septic safe.