Danco, a leading supplier of plumbing repair and replacement parts have launched its new product – All-In-One Toilet Installation Kit, that has won accolades for its innovative design. Developed and designed at The Danco Innovation Center, located in Shorewood, IL, the toilet installation kit is the finest example of a plumbing repair product that installs easily, offers unsurpassable durability, eliminates guesswork, and provides the best leak-free toilet seal available on the market.

The toilet installation kit contains the Perfect Seal Wax Ring and Zero Cut Bolts. The Perfect Seal wax ring features a patented seal design that combines specially designed rubber gaskets with encapsulated wax to form a seal and stabilizes toilet bolts allowing the toilet to be repositioned as needed. The Perfect Seal toilet wax ring has won the 2016 Chicago Innovation Award and has helped millions of homeowners and plumbing contractors in their renovation projects. Read more.