Danco, a leading manufacturer of home solutions and plumbing repair & plumbing replacement parts, has announced the launch of the Universal Toilet Replacement Handle at Wal-Mart online and in stores nationwide. The new line of toilet replacement handles is providing customers with a reliable and easy way to replace their broken or worn-out toilet handles.

The Universal Toilet Tank Replacement Handle is available in Brushed Nickel and Chrome finishes. These sleek finishes will match any bathroom décor and style. They are made of high-quality materials and are built to last, ensuring that customers won’t have to worry about replacing their toilet handles again anytime soon. Danco’s new line of Toilet Tank Replacement Lever Handles provides customers with a durable and cost-effective solution to their toilet handle replacement needs.

The Toilet Replacement Handles universal design fits most standard toilets. An 8-hole adjustment feature gives a wider range of adjustability to fit more toilets and mounting positions, including angled, right, side, and frontal positions. Read more