Summer is just around the corner! We’re sure you’re just as ready as we are for the season of hot weather, good fun, BBQs and DIY plumbing.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right!

While “DIY plumbing” might not be what you typically think of when you think of summer, summer is one of the best seasons for taking care of your home’s plumbing system.

Here are a few DIY plumbing projects you can tackle around your home to save you water and money this upcoming summer.


Replace Outdoor Faucet Handles

Chances are you’ll be using the hose often this summer, so why not replace those old handles that barely work anymore? Danco has a wide selection of outdoor faucet handles you can choose from.

Get your Mobile Home/RV Ready for Summer Vacation

Danco’s line of innovative mobile home plumbing parts includes everything your RV might need to be in tip-top shape for summer adventures. Head to the Mobile Home/RV section of our website to check out bathroom and tub/shower parts, kitchen faucets and aerators, drains and hoses for your HVAC system and more.

Air Conditioner Check-Up

The time to make sure your A/C is working perfectly is now, before the hot summer months, when most HVAC companies here are fully booked.

Start by switching out your A/C’s filter, if you haven’t already done so recently. Next, clear away any leaves, dirt and debris that may have gathered on and around your unit, and give it a spray-down cleaning with the hose. Finally, turn it on to see if it’s cooling your home as quickly as it should. If it’s not, or if it’s making strange noises, consider calling in a professional to take a look.


Water bills tend to soar during the hot summer months, so now is the perfect time to install water-saving plumbing parts in your home.

Install Water-Saving Aerators

Aerators are small pieces of metal installed into your faucets that reduce water flow, while maintaining a high-pressure flow. We have many different aerators you can choose from, depending on your water-saving preferences.

Install the Smart Spray™ Faucet Spray Head

The Smart Spray™ is a new Danco product that converts your old faucet into a water-saving, pull-down spray-head faucet! It is easy to install and attaches to most Moen, Glacier Bay, AquaSource, Kohler and Price Pfister brand faucets.

Convert Your Toilet into a Water-Saving Dual Flush Toilet

The Danco Toilet Total Repair Kit converts any toilet into a dual-flush toilet, enabling you to save water with nearly every flush. They’re easy to install – no tools required!

Laundry Room Check Up

For many people, hot weather means lots of dirty clothes! Since your washing machine might be working overtime this summer, take the time now to check your washing machine supply lines and make sure they’re working properly.

For DIY plumbing bonus points, you can simply replace your washing machine’s old connector hose with the Flood Armour® washing machine hose. Unlike traditional washing machine hoses, the Flood Armour hose has an automatic shutoff valve that prevents bursts, and stops costly, messy leaks in their tracks.


We at Danco hope you enjoy your summer! For more DIY plumbing tips, head to the support page on our website.