Garbage Disposals are arguably one of the most convenient appliances in your kitchen. Use these tips to keep your unit operating smoothly and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Avoid putting the wrong things down the disposal

Some objects can cause clogs and excess damage if dumped into the disposal. Foods heavy in starch, such as pasta and rice, are a tremendous no-no and are guaranteed to defeat your disposal. These starchy foods do not break down small enough to pass through the disposal systems. When water enters the system, pasta and rice absorb the water and expand, forcing the disposal to work harder and increasing the risk of damage.

We suggest disposing of pasta, rice, and other starches directly into the trash bin. Do not dispose of leftover meat bones in your disposal, either! Animal bones will alter and dull disposal blades, damaging the plumbing system. Grease, fats, and oils should never be poured into a drain disposal system. Grease, fats, and oils will stick to any surface it touches, such as blades and pipe walls, causing damage and clogs.

Break up large objects 

Be sure to break up large objects before putting them down the disposal. This lends your unit a helping hand and prevents a costly repair.

Use a drain strainer

Prevent unwanted debris from flowing down your sink drain with Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer. It catches unwanted debris while allowing water to pass through, keeping the drain flowing freely. Danco series of mesh strainers are constructed of durable stainless steel that will endure the rigors of everyday use.

Danco Stainless Steel Strainers are available in a Single, Duo, and Value-Pack on Amazon.

Use Disposal Genie II

Another great accessory to have in your kitchen that protects your garbage disposal system is the Disposal Genie II. The DGII is a stopper and strainer that sits inside the garbage disposal opening. Turn the strainer clockwise to close the drain off and allow the sink to fill with water. Turning counterclockwise allows water & particles to flow freely down the drain and prevents other valuables from slipping down the drain. To install, simply place the DGII in the drain opening. Once installed, the disposal can run freely with Disposal Genie II in place.

The Disposal Genie II is available in multiple colors on Amazon and the Home Depot.

Regular maintenance

Regularly cleaning your garbage disposal keeps its operations running smoothly. We suggest eliminating buildup by using a drain cleaner such as Liquid Rhyno Build-Up Remover. The powerful formula utilizes dual-action biological + enzymes to eat away at bacteria generated by food, paper, organic matter, and soap scum.

Clean the inside surfaces of your garbage disposal with the Brush.It Garbage Disposal Brush! It includes a splash guard, which functions as a shield to prevent any liquid or food matter from splashing back out of the garbage disposal. It is the perfect cleaning accessory for your kitchen sink to help prevent or eliminate bacteria build-up. Brush.It Garbage Disposal Brush is available at Lowes.

The key to a healthy garbage disposal system is knowing what does not belong, how to properly clean the system, and what tools are best to protect against garbage disposal drain-clogging culprits. At Danco, we strive to offer a variety of garbage disposal accessories to help your home improvement project and make your life easier.