Garbage disposals can be pretty dangerous areas in your household if not dealt with correctly. For this very reason, it is imperative to know how to properly clean your garbage disposal. Before we dive into all the different things you can do to clear out your disposal… In the future, if you aren’t already with the times, get yourself one of our very own Disposal Genies! One of our absolute biggest hits of a product is the perfect way to block any unwanted object from entering your disposal. This pretty much eliminates any need to clean out our disposal, so you would be saving yourself a ton of time! Check it out here

Anyways, without further ado, let’s get to cleaning that disposal! Keep in mind, you should always check after each step making sure it still is not working. If it is working, then no more work is needed!

  1. PHYSICALLY REMOVE LARGER OBJECTS: This step is one of the most dangerous of them all. In order to do this, you MUST turn the fuse off for your sink area or pull the plug underneath the sink (whichever applies to you) so that way you eliminate the danger all together. Once this is done, it would be prudent to use either pliers or tongs to remove the objects!
  2. FLUSH YOUR DRAIN: After removing objects, the next step is to flush your drain with HOT water and soap. Something as simple as this can help clean your disposal of any issues it may be facing.
  3. ICE AND SALT ENTER THE EQUATION: This step is weird, but follow me. You will want to dump two cups of ice, followed by one cup of salt into your disposal. Just turn some cold water on and flow it into your drain then turn your disposal on and let the magic work. Not only will this clean, but it will sharpen the blades and remove some unnecessary odors.
  4. SCRUB IT: If none of this works, I highly recommend grabbing an old toothbrush or scrub brush and just go to town on your garbage disposal.

By the time you are done, your garbage disposal should be safe and clear of all debris and ready to work with absolutely no problems. With that being said, you should preserve the functionality of your garbage disposal by grabbing yourself one of our Disposal Genies! We also have an assortment of fun colors to make your sink a more exciting area. So get one now!