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Premium Sink Side Spray Replacement Hose

This Danco Faucet Pull-Out Spray Hose connects the pull-out spray head to the faucet. It provides an upgrade over traditional vinyl hoses. It features a 3/8 in. diameter and included are quick connect adapter fittings that make for an easy installation. The kink resistant hose provides a quiet operation and its design will work with most faucet brands, but works best with most Moen, Delta and Oak Brook faucets that have a 1/4″ threaded connection.

Model # 10340
1.55 out of 5 based on 22 customer ratings
22 customer reviews Write a review

Product Description

This Danco Faucet Pull-Out Spray Hose connects the pull-out spray head to the faucet. It provides an upgrade over traditional vinyl hoses. It features a 3/8 in. diameter and included are quick connect adapter fittings that make for an easy installation. The kink resistant hose provides a quiet operation and its design will work with most faucet brands, but works best with most Moen, Delta and Oak Brook faucets that have a 1/4″ threaded connection.

  • Durable vinyl construction provides a reliable performance
  • Nylon braided, kink-resistant hose
  • Features a 48 inch kink-resistant hose with a 3/8 inch diameter
  • Includes quick connect adapters to fit most Moen, Delta and Oakbrook Faucets
  • Fits many pull-out faucets from most major manufacturers that have a 1/4″ threaded connection
  • Designed for use with kitchen pullout heads
  • Quick connect adapters allows for an easy snap-on connection


  • PKG Height (in.)9.65
  • PKG Width (in.)6.96
  • PKG Length (in.)1.77
  • PKG Weight (in.)0.83
  • Product Height(in).48.00
  • Product Width(in).0.38
  • OEM BrandUniversal
  • MaterialPVC
  • Product TypeSide Spray Hose

22 reviews for Premium Sink Side Spray Replacement Hose

  1. Chris Hepburn

    Very misleading product. 3 quick easy steps to install until you open the package and each step have 5-8 substeps which include disassembling the old sprayer to reassemble into the new sprayer. Not to mention the claim to “works with MOST Moen, Delta and Oak Brook faucet...Read More

    • Danco (store manager)

      Good Afternoon Chris,
      Thank you for providing your feedback. We’re very sorry to hear one of our products didn’t work for you. We do our best to ensure that our Universal products fit as many brands of faucet as possible. This side spray hose has been tested on n...Read More

  2. Drew Shelton

    I agree with the previous reviewer. The package says “Universal” and “Fits All Faucet Brands”. I have a Moen faucet with a threaded female connector for the sprayer. This “Universal” hose does not have an adapter for that connection.

    • Danco (store manager)

      Good Morning Drew,
      Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. While this does fit some faucets from all of the major faucet manufacturers, it may not fit every model. We do our best to ensure that our universal products fit as many brands of faucet as possib...Read More

  3. Roy Gillen

    Universal hose kit does NOT work for all faucet brands as stated on the package. Doesn’t work on Glacier Bay quick-connect.

    • Danco (store manager)

      Good Morning Roy,
      Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. We are currently working on updating our packaging as this product is not truly universal. Unfortunately, this spray hose is not intended for Glacier Bay. This spray h...Read More

  4. Bruno Di Giorgio

    Are these hoses and the sprays safe for drinking water?

    • Danco (store manager)

      Good Morning Bruno,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, our hoses and side sprays are safe for drinking water. They are intended to be used with your kitchen faucet. This hose in particular connects with most Moen, Delta and Oakbrook faucets.

  5. Lite Finocchiaro

    I’m in the Glacier Bay club, so I’m giving three stars as well for the “universal” false advertising. I ended up cutting part of the old hose and part of the new hose and using a barbed 3/8″ union with a few hose clamps to solve my problem.

    • Danco (store manager)

      Good Morning,
      Thank you for reaching out to us to let you know of your experience. We are currently working on updating our packaging to reflect that this product only works with Moen, Delta and Oakbrook faucets. Unfortunately, this takes time. We have been updating all ...Read More

  6. Dana

    NOT universal. Doesn’t even fit Delta like advertised. Total waste of time and money.

  7. Brad Jerkins

    Horrible packaging. Horrible design. Universal is a joke. Won’t even fit a Delta faucet…. Which is supposed to. Returning, and will never buy another Danco product. Thanks for hours of aggravation and wasted time and money.

  8. Brad Jerkins

    Waste of money and time… Not universal and won’t even fit a Delta like it advertised. Waste of time and money.

  9. Timmy

    I agree with other reviewers that this product does NOT “fit all faucet brands”. Does not work on my Delta, and I think the end of hose that is supposed to fit the sprayer end is too long because it doesn’t fit.

  10. Jay F Musselwhite

    Instructions are useless for the “Delta converter.” I’m not sure what part I’m supposed to use and the instructions aren’t clear at all. Came here looking for a video that might help.

  11. Gary

    Same story. Faucet has a female thread. The package should include a nipple.

  12. Ryan Bush

    The universal connector does not work on my faucet and seems like I’m supposed to use the black male nipple adapter but it does not stay connected to the faucet once I turn the water on better instructions would probably help

  13. Matthew

    Says it fits Delta but it doesn’t. Besides that the instructions are garbage. What’s up with all the rubber washers? It only shows the one small one being used. Unusable is the reason for 1 Star. Should be zero star. Combine this with HD’s no return policy. I have a piec...Read More

  14. Troy Don Hunt

    This doesn’t fit Delta at all stay away if you have a Delta nipple supply. This is garbage.

  15. Amy Purdy

    The part for a Moen adaptor does not fit. Leaks all over! It looks the same at first but slightly different. Very frustrating!

  16. Matt L

    Have Delta. Does not work with the quick disconnect, as others have stated.

  17. John David Sturgill

    This product was a waste of money. Quick Connect adapters didn’t for my faucet.

  18. Robert Zeigler

    Moen Quick Connect part leaked profusely. It looked the same as the old one. I reinstalled the old part and it didn’t leak. Not a flat washer or o ring issue. I’m returning it to Lowes. A big waste of time.

  19. Sarah E

    Everything fit, instructions are not user friendly. Had to guess. Got it all on and then it leaked from the base of the wide white part on the quick connect??!!!! oy.

  20. andrew

    this has the only hose that should be used for a side sprayer. everything else with this is complete garbage ! plastic connectors that do nothing but leak . tried two of them same issue with both.

  21. Tammie

    This product is a joke! Thought it would solve my problem but I stead it added more! Impossible to follow instructions as stated…

  22. Picky customer

    This is a high quality product. that comes with a lot of dang nice brass fittings. Just one of these speciality brass fittings alone would cost as much as the full product
    The quick connection under the sink is excellent rivaling the best systems.
    The sprayer head ...Read More

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How to video

Step-by-step instructions

Yes, we love plumbers, we really do. But they're not always necessary when the power is within you to Do It Yourself. You can handle this project without worry, we're betting on it. Tools and supplies required: Pipe Thread Tape, Adjustable Wrench, Adjustable Pliers

Turn off the water supply to the sink before you begin making repairs. Remove the old Hose by unscrewing the Threaded Connectors at the Spray Head and Faucet under the Sink. Next, examine the new Hose. The Round Nut connects to the Spray Head, the Hex Nut connects to the female Quick Connector.


Install the new Guide in the Sink opening and tighten the Nut from the bottom of the Sink.


Unscrew the Nut from the Spray Head.


Push the hose through the Nut.


Snap the included Clip onto the Hose. Some Danco products use a larger clip to like the one shown to make it easier to attach. However, traditional smaller clips like this can also be used, depending on the type of clip that is included with your new Sink Spray.


Install the Nylon Washer first onto the Hose and then place the Rubber Washer onto the Hose over the first Washer. Hand tighten Nut clockwise onto Spray Head, but be sure not to overtighten.


Attach the Female Quick Connect to the Hose by sliding the free end of the Hose downward through the Guide Hole until the Spray Head is fully seated in the Guide. Insert the Small Washer into the Hex Nut. Screw the Quick Connect Adapter into the Hex Nut. Tighten gently with the Adjustable Wrench and Adjustable Pliers. Over Tightening May Damage The Washer.


From supplied Nipple Adapters, choose a Nipple Adapter that fits the Faucet Connection under sink. Wrapping clockwise, apply 2 to 4 turns of the Pipe Thread Tape to the threads on the Male Faucet Connection or Male Nipple Adapter. Tighten the Adapter onto the Faucet Connection with the Adjustable Wrench. Do not overtighten.


While pulling back on the white collar on the Quick Connect Adapter, push the Quick Connect Adapter onto the Adapter Nipple on the Faucet connector.


When fully seated, release the white collar. Tug the Hose to make sure the Quick Connect Adapter is secure. Turn the water supply on, run water and check for leaks.

California residents prop 65 warning This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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