There are plenty of ways to care for your kitchen sink, but the Sinktacular Kitchen Sink Strainer & Stopper at Lowes is a one of a kind drain protection system! Provided by Danco, this kitchen marvel was designed to bring exceptional safety to all your drains. 

With the Disposal Genie in mind, this new strainer and stopper was created to upgrade the performance and sanitation of your kitchen sink. Be sure to check out Lowe’s online and or visit one of their physical stores now for this ingenious sink saver!

What is the Sinktacular Kitchen Sink Strainer & Stopper?

The Sinktacular is a product worthy of its spectacular name. With a two-in-one stopper and strainer function for both the garbage disposal and regular sink drains, you won’t find a better piece of equipment to ensure a sanitary kitchen. 

Turn your dishwashing nightmares into a domestic dream with the strainer, which can be turned clockwise to hold all the hot, soapy water needed for easy dishwashing. Anyone who hand washes dishes in a sink will tell you that bits of food and other gross debris will often clog up the drain. Read more.