Replacing a Pop-Up Stopper is a simple DIY project that requires minimal tools! Protecting your sink drain from clogging debris slipping keeps the water flowing steadily. Danco Bathroom Sink Pop-up Stoppers is the perfect replacement for your worn-out, non-functioning lavatory pop-up stoppers. Danco Pop-Up Stoppers are available on Amazon.

As you install a new Pop-Up Stopper, be sure to check out Danco’s wide variety of brand-specific & universal Pop-Up Stoppers designed in many finishes such as Brass, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and brand new Matte Black!

How to Replace a Pop-Up Sink Stopper:

Tools needed for the DIY project:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Sealant
  • Cleaning solution
  • Replacement Stopper

To remove the stopper, some stoppers may simply lift out by pulling on it, but others will need further instruction. In this case, loosen the nut holding the pivot rod in place to remove it from the drain pipe. Unscrew the clevis screw to lift the stopper out of the drain.

Pop-Up stoppers may need to be replaced due to a cracked or dirty seal, drain leak, or broken parts. To Install a new Pop-Up Stopper, remove the original drain flange. Apply a small amount of sealant to the new flange. Insert the brand new Danco Pop-Up Stopper through the bottom of the sink. Attach the new flange back onto the sink. Read more