Nothing is more frustrating than a slow draining bathroom sink. A backed-up sink can be enough to set back your day, if not dealt with immediately. But the good news is that you can easily unclog a drain using simple tools.
Here are the tools you will need for this simple DIY project:

Here is how you can fix a clogged drain:

Place a bucket underneath the sink trap

Before beginning, take a bucket and put it beneath the pipes to avoid spilling water and making a huge mess!

Disconnect the Stopper

  • The first likely clog culprit might be the buildup on the stopper. You will find a metal strip with holes beneath the sink. Unscrew the bolt connecting the strip to the drain pipe.
  • As we advance, pull the rod out of the pop-up assembly in order to disconnect it from the stopper.

Remove & Clean Drain Stopper

Once the drain is removed, wipe the stopper clean and clear the clog.

Snake the Drain

Another common hotspot for clogs to accumulate is deeper in the pipes, where you may require a snake pipe. Thankfully, the CLEAR-IT Drain Opener has your back.

The CLEAR-IT Drain Opener can be used as a drain snake and also a Pipe Cleaner. Simply hook it up to your faucet or garden hose to create a greater water pressure to unclog drains or wash out dirty items naturally.

Install a New Stopper

If nothing works, consider installing a new drain stopper! Danco offers a wide variety of pop-up stoppers in a variety of finishes & styles. These are designed with a durable plastic material that helps to protect drains from unwanted debris and keeps drains flowing from foreign objects. Available in many finishes such as chrome, polished brass, and brush nickel, they are sure to match your current decor and style.

Another great drain alternative to pop-up assemblies is the Danco Grid Drain. It is a non-closing drain stopper mainly used in vessel sinks. These are available in many finishes to provide ultimate durability.

Check P-Trap

The P-trap is the question mark shaped pipe piece located at the bottom of the sink. It is also where 90% of clogs occur. Follow the below steps to check the P-Trap in your bathroom drain:

  • Remove Slip nuts
    Take your wrench or channel locks to remove the slip nuts from the trap.
  • Remove trap & clean out
    Once removed, dump the excess water into the bucket.
    The clog is likely located in the elbow of the trap. Use a screwdriver or snake to fish out the clog.
  • Reattach Trap
    If the clog is unresolvable or the p-trap becomes damaged in the removal process, no worries! Danco offers replacement P-Traps that allow water to flow through the drain to the sewage system while maintaining proper seal. Once reattached, turn on the faucet and test out the drainage.
  • Prevent Future Clogs
    Now that you have cleared the drains, invest in a Hair Catcher or Shower Strainer to avoid clogged drains in the future. Danco’s range of Hair Catchers & Shower Strainer capture hair and prevent clogged drains through a unique suction-cup design. When it is time to clean the hair catcher or shower strainer, simply detach the suction cup, wipe away hair and debris, and place it back over the stopper.

By following these helpful tips and using Danco’s products, your sink should be unclogged in no time!