The holiday season is coming! This usually means gatherings at home, indulging in hearty and delicious meals, opening presents, with some partying on the side. No matter what your holiday traditions are, it’s important to prepare your home for the season to avoid headaches that can be caused by plumbing issues. Here are some tips and tricks for a stress-free way to prepare your home for the holidays.


Your kitchen is likely the busiest area in the home during the holidays because it’s where you prepare and cook your holiday feasts. Clogged drains are usually identified by sluggish water drainage, a foul odor around the drain, and gurgling noises. To avoid clogs, make sure no oils, food scraps, grease, or any debris will go down your drain. Use a drain stopper, sink strainer, or drain strainer to keep those at bay.

Danco carries a wide range of kitchen sink strainers and stoppers. The Flexible Strainer and Stopper comes in black and it will cover the opening of any brand of garbage disposal or sink. The strainer lets water flow freely down the drain while effectively catching debris. Push down the center stopper and it will turn your sink into a basin.

You can also try the Danco Sinktacular, a stopper and strainer in one that’s designed for kitchen sinks. Turn it clockwise to shut the drain and let the sink fill with water. Turn it counterclockwise to make it into a strainer, so particles and water will flow freely down your drain, and larger items and waste won’t slip through.

Do you want your strainer to match your stainless-steel appliances and accents in your kitchen? Check out the Twist Tight Kitchen Sink Strainer Assembly. Once installed, it will prevent foreign objects and unwanted debris from going down the drain. The strainer has a patented locking action that makes it stay in place. The stainless-steel construction ensures ultimate strength, reliability, and durability.  


Your toilet can clog at any time of the year, but it’s likely to happen more frequently during the holidays. A clogged toilet can often result in major plumbing issues. The good news is that you can take precautions by not flushing diapers, feminine products, cotton balls, and non-flushable tissues. If you notice symptoms like slow draining, overflowing, gurgling noises, or foul smells, be sure to fix the issue right away.

Bathtub and shower drains typically clog because of debris and hair. You can prevent that with Danco Chrome Shower Hair Catcher and Hair Catcher Baskets. The Shower Hair Catcher will prevent unwanted debris from going down the drain. It has a hidden basket, so the debris and hair won’t seep through and water can keep flowing freely. With the Hair Catcher Basket, you won’t have to clean up soap scum and hair from the catcher. Simply remove the basket, dispose of it, and install a new one.

Danco’s 2-in-1 Bathtub Hair Catcher and Stopper is the best stopper and strainer in one. With a patented pending stopper and silicone hair catching basket, it will prevent disastrous clogs down the line.

Upgrading your bathroom

Make your bathroom more presentable to guests by making small yet striking updates. Why not change outdated bathroom fixtures—like the faucet? Check out Danco’s White Porcelain Cross-Arm Handles, and Oil Rubbed Bronze Lever Handle. All products come with the necessary accessories and tools for a hassle-free installation.

Preparing for the holidays doesn’t have to be overwhelming or costly when you have Danco products that can prevent plumbing issues. You’ll get to enjoy the holidays worry-free!