Hand and dish soap are a necessity to a clean sink, and kitchen. However, they sometimes can become a nuisance. Whether it is the less than attractive packaging, the crusted soapy bottle, or maybe an almost empty container that will no longer sit up, there are a whole lot of reasons as to why this must-have in your kitchen can become buzzkill to your temple of a kitchen.

You heard that right- yes you. Some people call great bodies a temple, but it may be time to start referring to your kitchen as a temple. One way to blow your home-guests away is with a clean and beautiful kitchen, so why not make your kitchen a temple? There is however one big disclaimer- having a hand or dish soap dispenser that is experiencing any of the previously mentioned issues is a one-way ticket to a dirty kitchen. Luckily for you however, we have a solution. This solution will be hard to not want to institute into your kitchen.

It may be hard to believe, but yes, our solution, the Danco Soap Dispenser eliminates the hassle of everything we have brought to your attention in this reading. Our product simply replaces the air gap in your sink with an easy-to-install snap on style. Not only this, but it has a 4 FOOT hose to hide those nasty soap containers that have been mentioned so much; a true eyesore. In addition, it is able to attach to a whole gallon’s worth of soap. The 4 foot hose allows you to discreetly place your soap out of sight, and incentivizes you to connect to larger soap vessels because no one can see them! Not to mention, why would you not just buy your soap in bulk and save yourself some money as well? Well, our product allows you to do that, but let’s you do much more. On top of all these great things, our options fit and look great with both granite and marble; staples of kitchens today. This is done by way of longer shank designs that quite frankly, make installation much simpler. Plus, who could go wrong with its unique colors of Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze? Another added bonus is that these offerings come in both straight and curved nozzle options, to match the look or style of your kitchen even better!

At this point, it is pretty clear what the integral part to a better, more temple-like bathroom is. Make sure to check out our offerings on Amazon and install one wherever needed, getting you one step closer to that temple of a kitchen you desire. Don’t forget to prime the pump once installed ag good amount. Keep in mind that the soap has 4 FEET to travel up to your sink! Treat yourself to a Danco Soap Dispenser and a new and improved kitchen as a result of your purchase!