Imagine you’re lounging on the couch, relaxing with friends after a long day’s work. Soup’s bubbling on the stove, almost ready for dinner.

All of a sudden, you hear the sound of spraying water and yelling in the kitchen. You leap from the couch and rush to see what’s going on.

The kitchen faucet is broken and spraying water all over the place. Your friend is frantically trying to stop the water, with no success.

What do you do?

Sadly, most people would panic.

They would have no idea what was wrong with the faucet, let alone how to fix it.

So they’d call a plumber and watch the kitchen flood until he shows up. Two hours later, and they’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a plumber and will have to spend even more to repair the ruined floor.


Wouldn’t it be better to walk in the kitchen, know immediately what’s wrong with the faucet, and quickly fix the problem?

Here at Danco, we give you the knowledge, skills and parts to do just that!

Danco was founded in 1970 with the mission to empower consumers with practical and affordable DIY kitchen plumbing solutions.

We design and manufacture our own innovative, elegant products, and make it easy for customers to find the parts they need and use them to repair and upgrade their home.

4 Cost-Effective Benefits of DIY Kitchen Plumbing

Embracing the “Do-It-Yourself” spirit is one of the most cost-effective life-decisions you can make.

Here are 4 cost-effective benefits of learning DIY kitchen plumbing skills:

  1. You Don’t Have to Pay for a Plumber: This one is obvious – if you can fix the problem yourself, you only have to pay for tools and materials.
  2. Avoid Being Over-Charged: Sometimes emergencies do occur, leaving you no choice but to call a professional. With basic kitchen plumbing and repairs skills, however, you’ll know enough about the problem to know when a dishonest plumber is trying to charge you extra.
  3. Raise Home-Equity: Once you have the tools and the skills, don’t be surprised if you find yourself fixing and upgrading everything you can get your hands on! Improving so many of your home’s plumbing features will not only make everything look and function better, it will raise the value of your home as well.
  4. Spot Problems Before They Arise: Another benefit to learning DIY kitchen plumbing skills is the ability to spot warning signs and solve small issues before they become home-wrecking crises. Essential maintenance tasks like replacing failing rubber hoses and testing sump pumps will be a breeze, and could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Plumber’s Picks

“A man his only as good as his tools” – or so the old saying goes. For kitchen plumbing and repairs, the parts you use are just as important, if not more important, than your tools.

So check out our Plumber’s Picks section to see our most popular items and the latest cutting-edge Danco designs! Here are two kitchen favorites to get you started:

  1. Disposal Genie Garbage Disposal Strainer: Customize your kitchen sink with this garbage-disposal-protecting strainer, available in red, blue, black or green. A clever design allows water and small pieces of food to drain while blocking large items like silverware. Comes with detachable rubber scraper, and Microban®, an antimicrobial coating that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
  2. Universal Soap Dispenser with Straight Nozzle: Give your kitchen sink a touch of elegance with this soap dispenser, available in brushed nickel, chrome, white or rubbed bronze. Includes a conveniently large, 1-gallon container for hassle-free refills and Microban® coating.

To get started on your own kitchen plumbing and repairs project, head to our “Find Parts” section today! We make it easy for you to find the perfect part you need, whether you’re fixing a leaky kitchen-faucet or replacing a toilet.

Once you’ve found the parts you need, head to the How To Center for all the how-to guides and videos you need to get the job done right.