The new year is a time for fresh starts! While you may opt to prioritize health, finances, or hobbies, don’t forget about your plumbing system! A busy holiday season full of entertaining, cooking, and house guests takes a toll on your plumbing system. Optimize your plumbing system with these easy resolutions:

Pay attention to what goes down your drain

Only liquids, human waste, and plumbing-approved products such as toilet paper should be the only things that flow through the drain. To prevent food and valuables from clogging sink drains, we recommend installing a Danco Disposal Genie II.

Use a drain hair catcher and tub strainer to prevent clogs and pipe build-up in the bathtub, showers, and sinks. Danco offers a variety of strainers and hair catchers such as the Suction Cup Bathtub Hair Catcher to capture hair and prevent drain clogs through a suction cup design. Read more