Danco Inc., a plumbing repair and replacement solutions company, is thrilled to unveil its latest Toilet Tank Repair Kits now available on Amazon. The new line up of products water-saving kits include (HFX320) Universal Toilet Repair Kit for 3-inch Flush Valve Toilets, (12094) Toilet Repair Kit for 2-inch Toilets, and (12095) Toilet Repair Kit for 3 inch toilets.

The new Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kits for 2-inch and 3-inch toilets contain an adjustable flapper to curve common plumbing issues such as leaks and noise. The new kits replace worn-out, inefficient fill/flush valves, leaky flappers, and broken toilet handles to restore your toilet to like-new running condition. Its universal design is compatible with most flush valves and 1.28 to 3.5 gallon per flush toilets. This kit comes complete with all necessary parts and is crafted with a high quality silicone seal, which is chlorine and chemical resistant and will not warp.

The (HFX320) Universal Toilet Repair Kit combines the cutting-edge Danco (HC630) HydroClean Universal Fill Valve and the (HLF307) HydroForce Adjustable Toilet Replacement Flapper, effectively addressing the primary causes of water loss in toilets – miscalibrations and leaks. The Universal Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kit is a testament to Danco’s commitment to innovation and practicality in the realm of home and plumbing solutions. By addressing the most common issues that lead to water wastage, this kit not only enhances toilet performance but also brings ultimate water savings. The Universal Toilet Repair kit can be purchased on Amazon here.

These plumbing solutions are designed to accommodate most standard toilets, and the kit’s star component is the HC630 fill valve. This ingenious fill valve incorporates calibration technology that adjusts the precise amount of water required in the toilet tank, promoting efficient refills. What sets it apart is its built-in leak detection mechanism, which promptly alerts users to potential leaks.

The (HC630) HydroClean Fill Valve is versatile with an adjustable height range of 11 to 13.8 inches, fitting various toilet tank configurations. It operates quietly and works well with toilets using 1.28, 1.6, and 3.5 gallons per flush. The kit also includes the (HFL307) Adjustable Toilet Replacement Flapper made of premium silicone for durability. Designed for 3-inch flush valves, this DIY plumbing solution prevents corrosion, chlorine damage, and warping, optimizing water usage by eliminating ghost flushing and leaks.

Elevate your toilet’s performance with Danco’s new line of Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kits available now online on Amazon.

For over 35 years, Danco has been at the forefront of plumbing repair, replacement, and remodeling supplies within the home improvement industry. Committed to innovation and quality, Danco operates as a proud division of the Plumbing Products Group, which is part of NCH Corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas. For more information please visit: https://www.danco.com/.