Is your bathroom looking a little outdated—maybe even boring? It may be time for an upgrade. Don’t worry—you don’t have to do a full renovation. It’s possible to refresh the look and feel of your bathroom by upgrading some of the hardware by yourself. Danco has a great selection of products that can transform your bathroom into your very own personal haven for pampering and relaxation. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Give your tub and shower a new look by changing out your tub and shower trim finish.

The trim finish can make a huge difference on the overall aesthetic of your tub and shower. If it looks worn-out, it is time to change it.

For an understated yet sophisticated touch, consider Danco’s Tub/Shower Trim Kit for Moen in Chrome. The handle comes in two designs: finished metal or clear acrylic.

If you want a more rustic look, check out the Tub/Shower Trim Kit for Delta in Oil Rubbed Bronze, which is compatible with MultiChoice 13/14 Series and Delta 1300/1400 Series cartridge-style faucets and the Delta 600 Series ball style faucet.

Aside from changing the trim, you can also switch up the other features for your tub and shower. Check out Danco’s Tub Drain Trim and Stopper, which comes in brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and chrome, or the Lift and Turn Bathtub Drain Trim Kits with a Stopper. Both options can instantly modernize your tub. If you feel that your tub drain is a little lackluster, it may need the Touch-Toe Tub Drain trim kit with Overflow in Chrome to finish the look.

  1. Upgrade your faucet with new decorative handles and a matching drain.

Over time, the handles or knobs of your bathroom sink will wear out from constant use. Replacing them with new ones won’t just improve their look but also their function.

Try the Universal Faucet Lever Handle in oil rubbed bronze, which you can also get in chrome, brushed nickel, white with chrome tips, and white with polished brass. Another option is a Faucet Cross-Arm Handle, which comes in a two pack and is available in chrome, brushed nickel, and white with chrome tips. You can get them in single packs if you want to change your two to three handle tub and shower faucet so they all match one another.

Danco carries a wide variety of lavatory sink drain kits. The decorative push-button sink drain (in brushed nickel or chrome) is perfect for sinks with an overflow. There is also an option for sinks without overflow and it comes in chrome.

Thinking of replacing your pop-up drain? Do it yourself with the EZ Connect Pop-up Lavatory Drain, a complete assembly with all the parts necessary for the job. It features the EZ Connect Tube, which slides and wraps over the lift and the lever rods for quick and easy installation.

Last but not least, switch out your toilet handle to complement your new bathroom finishes. Danco offers decorative bathroom handles that come in brushed nickel, white with chrome tips, polished brass, and chrome.

  1. Use bathroom accessories that will help with your everyday routine and prevent clogs in your bathroom drains.

When upgrading your bathroom, you might also want to add more functionality and convenience to your tub and shower. The VersaSpray Bathtub Portable Hand Held Shower Head is a nifty little accessory that makes it easier to rinse your hair, tub, and body.

Do you want to reduce clogging in the tub drain? Fit a Bathtub Hair Catcher over it. Danco’s complete kit has a unique suction cup to keep it in place while effectively preventing hair and soap debris from going down the drain.

And if you wash your hair in the sink, fit a Sink Hair Catcher over the pop-up drain kit. Its suction keeps it secure in place and stops soap debris, makeup, and hair from entering the drain. To avoid hair blockage, learn how to remove nose hair at home which can be helpful to keep the bathroom clean always. For your shower, check out Danco Shower Catcher with Baskets in chrome.

  1. Upgrade the lighting.

Changing the lighting or adding more to it could dramatically enhance your bathroom’s ambiance to make it more relaxing. Make sure the mirror is properly illuminated, so no shadows are cast on your face.

  1. Change the towel bars.

You can freshen up your bathroom’s overall look by upgrading the towel bars. You can get them in another finish or style, so they look less outdated.

  1. Update the cabinet door handles.

Even the smallest changes can make a big difference in updating the look of your bathroom. Match the cabinet door handles with your bathroom fittings in terms of style and color.