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How to Replace an Overflow Plate & Tub Drain

How to Replace an Overflow Plate & Tub Drain

Step-by-step Instructions

By changing the overflow plate and drain on your tub in conjunction with a new tub spout and trim plate, you can breathe new life into your bathroom. Add an updated style or new finish, and you will feel like you stepped into a completely new room without a renovation budget.

Tools and supplies required: Phillips Screwdriver, Flathead Screwdriver, Adjustable Pliers, Tub Drain & Spud Wrench


Remove the Mounting Screws from the old Overflow Plate and remove and discard your old Overflow Plate. But, keep the Screws, as you will use those to attach the new Overflow Plate.


Danco’s Overflow Plates feature a Universal Fit design, which means that they include an Adapter that allows you to add a single-hole Overflow Plate to an existing two-hole Connection. Next, install the included Adapter by aligning the slots to the Screw Holes in the Drain Flange and attach with Mounting Screws removed from the old Overflow Plate.


Attach the new Single Hole Overflow Plate to the Adapter using the new Screw.


Remove the existing Plug from the Tub Shoe Drain Assembly by unthreading until it is disconnected.


Turning counterclockwise, unscrew the old Tub Shoe Drain Assembly from the Tub using Plier handles or a Danco Tub Drain & Spud Wrench.


If possible, remove the black rubber gasket from the underside of the tub. Replace it with the gasket that came in your kit. Sometimes the original gasket may not be possible to access; in that case, skip this step.


Measure the Drainpipe size. If 2”, Bushing will be needed. The bushing is the white plastic piece on the base of the new Tub Drain. If your Drainpipe measures1 1/2″, Bushing will not be needed, so unthread it from the Tub Shoe Drain Assembly. Spread an even layer of Plumber’s Putty under the Flange of Tub Shoe.


Turning clockwise, thread Tub Shoe Drain Assembly into Drain (with bushing, if required). You can use Pliers or a Tub Drain & Spud Wrench to tighten so the Tub Shoe Flange is flush against the Tub surface.


Trim the excess Plumber’s Putty.


Turning clockwise, thread Plug into Drain Assembly. In order to get a tight fit for the Plug into the Drain Assembly, you can remove the screw that holds the top of the Plug to the Stopper Post. Then, use Pliers to help tighten the Post into the Drain. Once tight, reattach the top of the Plug by tightening the screw to the Post.