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How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Drain

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Drain

Step-by-step Instructions

Think about all that your Kitchen Sink endures on a daily basis. You put it through a lot of wear and tear, don’t you? At Danco, we make parts that make it easy and relatively inexpensive to restore your fixtures to like new condition without replacing the entire Kitchen Sink, so to speak. So if you want to bring your Kitchen Sink back to life, try installing a new Sink Drain, and we’ll walk you through just how to do it.

Tools and supplies required: Large Pipe Wrench, Long Nose Pliers, Plumber’s Putty, Plastic Putty Knife (optional)


With large Pliers, loosen the Slip Nut, which is a Ring that keeps the Tailpiece tightened to the Drain, located on the underside of the Sink Drain. The Tailpiece is a straight Pipe that connects the Sink Drain to the P-Trap. Pull on the Tailpiece to remove it from the Drain.


Separate the Tailpiece from the Sink Drain.


Next, use Pliers to loosen the second Slip Nut that attaches the Tailpiece to the P-Trap and remove the entire Tailpiece. Set aside.


Use a Pipe Wrench to loosen the Strainer Nut by turning it counterclockwise until it is completely loose.


Insert the Long Nose Pliers into the Sink Strainer to keep it from turning while loosening the Nut on the underside of Sink Drain. Remove the Rubber Gasket from the underside of the Drain.


Now lift the Drain out of the Sink from above and scrape the remaining Plumber’s Putty out of the Sink with a Putty Knife.


Place a dab of Plumber’s Putty the size of a quarter into your hand and roll into a six inch long line.


Place the Putty all the way around the underside of the Drain where the Metal Flange will rest in the Sink.


Set the new drain into the hole from above and push down firmly.


Place the Rubber Gasket on the underside of the Drain and place a Cardboard Gasket on the Rubber Ring. Now place the Strainer Nut on the Drain and again place the Long Nose Pliers into the Strainer to keep it from turning while you tighten the Strainer Nut with your Pipe Wrench.


Reconnect the Tailpiece to the Drain and slide the Slip Nut up onto the Drain and tighten.


Use your finger or a Plastic Putty Knife to scrape off the excess Plumber’s Putty.