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My New Towel Holder


Test Project before


Test Project after

I love to craft and so I have been trying to come up some type of new towel or jewelry holder, or in my case both, to go in my bathroom. So like anyone who loves to craft, I immediately went to Pinterest (Pinterest is like the go- to manual for crafters). After searching around, I found the BEST IDEA. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I decided to get some faucet handles that matched my bathroom and added them to wood and “BAM! I have a towel/jewelry holder.” Okay I know what you are thinking… that sounds really sketchy, but no, it turned out amazing. I simply drove to my local hardware store and looked around at some faucet handles I might like. The ones I saw online were antique, but I’m too impatient to wait for spring to come around to go garage sale hopping.  Instead, I went into the Plumbing section and right away I found the perfect handles. The Danco Universal Replacement Cross Handle in White (model # 46004) was just what I needed, so I bought 3. Next, it was time to buy some wood and trust me, I don’t know anything about wood except that it grows on trees (get it – wood joke). The wood guy helped me pick out some pine wood that was a 1x4 and he cut it down to 20 inches long for me. He didn’t trust me with a saw either. Weird. I stained the wood and once it was dry I simply screwed in holes evenly apart at the 3.5, 10, and 16.5 inch mark on the board. I put the whole faucet handle on the top and then stuck a 2.5 inch deck screw through each handle. Then I put the index button on top to hide the screws. And woooohoooo! I was done. Time to hang up all of my stuff, which come to find out, I have a lot of. Maybe it is time for some early spring cleaning or maybe I’ll wait till later. Yes, I’ll wait till later. I’m sure my mom is very happy to hear that! Anyway, I hope this helps you make something great!